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Lip Piercing

2017 - A Year Of Piercing At Chronic Ink

A look back at some of the most newsworthy piercings of 2017.

Our Top Instagram Posts In 2017

We’ve been upping our social media game in 2017. Follow us @pierced and @chronicink to see what our talented piercing artists are up through 2018 and beyond. Here are some of the posts that seemed to resonate with our followers this year. Medusa Piercings@kalopsia.okay and her stunning medusa piercing photo. Another gorgeous daith piercing performed by our piercing artist @alvarezlives: Daith Piercings Apparently, the struggle is real for people looking for fresh new piercings: piercings

People seemed drawn to the simplicity of this beautiful piercing. Do you have a favourite piece?

Mulitiple ear piercing

Growing Piercing Trends in 2017 through 2018

Here are a collection of piercings that we’ve noticed a new or renewed surge of interest in over the course of 2017 and trends we see to keep growing over the course of 2018.

body piercingMicrodermal Implants

We noticed a heavy increase of customers demanding microdermal implants. Commonly referred to as “dermals”. This type of piercing rose in popularity in women especially because of their subtle appearance of sophistication.

Daith Piercings

Daith Piercings There are a few reasons why daith piercings are so popular lately. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, many have claimed daith piercings to have the ability to help migraine sufferers. We’ve talked about this theory in a recent blog post, “Do Daith Piercings Actually Cure Migraines”? Ultimately, we found that there is no clear scientific evidence to support their healing effects. But, that shouldn’t rule out getting a fashionable Daith piercing!

Medusa PiercingsMedusa piercings

What used to be a popular piercing in punk culture, medusa piercings found a broader audience throughout 2017. Their unique aesthetic location (just above the upper lip) has become popular with a younger generation. It combines well with a lip and nose ring.

Combination ear piercings

Can’t settle on just one type of piercing or ear jewelry? You don’t have to settle with a combination piercing. When daith, conch, tragus, and industrial piercings combine, it can be a beautiful thing. It’s also a great was to get a truly unique look. Just make sure when mixing metals, choosing piercing location, and using different pieces of jewelry, to choose pieces that truly complement each other.

Top 2017 Piercing Stories in the News

Baby Piercing Post Gets Social Media Riled Up

According to USA Today, adolescents are getting piercings more than ever before. We talked about the rules around children getting pierced in a recent blog post. Ultimately, we’re comfortable piercing children 9 years or older with parent’s consent and we feel the parent and child are responsible to follow the aftercare procedures. The followers of Enedina Vance were not ready for her child’s piercing, and for good reason. In a CTV new story, Enedina posted an image of her infant adorning a dimple piercing. To those who went as far to issue death threats, they should know the image was just a clever use of photoshop. For the record… we’re not into piercing your baby. Enedina Vance

A Tipsy Don Lemon Gets a Piercing Live on CNN

There’s a right way, and a wrong way to prepare for your piercing. We’ll be the first ones to tell you that drinking and piercings don’t mix. However, when you’re hungry for TV ratings, apparently it is the winning formula. That was CNN anchor Don Lemon’s approach at least on New Years 2017. After several tequila shots he took live on air and other beverages through the night, he made a great decision to get his ear pierced (after getting talked out of a nipple piercing). Though it happened just before the ball dropped in 2017, the healing must have went on well into the new year - especially because there was alcohol involved. Live Ear Piercing Video

Looking for a New Piercing in 2018?

The piercing experts at Toronto & Vancouver’s Chronic Ink know how to better define exactly what you are trying to express with your body piercing. Whether you're looking for something in vogue, or a piercing that will never go out of style.
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