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Tattoo Artist as A Career

577921_498364636886958_907298895_n Tattooing can be a great career, but Tattooing is NOT an easy way out. I repeat. Tattooing is not an easy way out. As the owner of a tattoo studio, we see many young people who want to become tattoo artists everyday, some of them for the right reasons, some of them for the wrong reasons, and some of them for reasons we are not sure. (and maybe they themselves are unsure, and that’s okay too) Now, this post is not meant to be negative. If there’s anyone who believes anyone can achieve anything if you put your mind to it, it’s me. However, you have to do it for the right reasons. Some right reasons I believe are if you are passionate about the industry, want to find a great career in art and can’t think of anything else, you want to do something creative on different people everyday, the list goes on. I believe these are the right reasons and all the power to you if you want to pursue it. I wish you nothing but the best, it is an awesome career and there’s really nothing sweeter than seeing a happy client walk out the door with your artwork. BUT, some of the wrong reasons for getting into the industry are ‘tattooing seems easy, beats working at my shity job’, or, ‘well, it’s some quick money’, or, ‘I don’t want to work a 9-5”, or, “I used to draw a little”, or “I have a lot of tattoos and I love tattoos”, and likewise this list goes on. Tattooing is hard to learn. You need to respect the industry or it will not respect you. You have to put in years of training to learn the craft, and even then you never stop learning. Tattooing seems fun because the environments are usually pretty loose but the job is a grind like anything else. Tattooing is a FRIGGIN GRIND! Putting out creative pieces every day is stressful just like any other job. The pressure of working on a human being every time out is equally stressful. You have to put in your dues. You have to gain respect in the game and from your peers, learn the ropes and take your lumps, just like everything else. What I want all the young people to understand is that while tattooing can be awesome, don’t pick up a machine until you are ready for shit tons of hard work, a lot of blood and sweat, a lot of criticisms and a lot of setbacks. Now, of course, you have to know how to pick the right mentors or the right shop to apprentice at, but that’s a different topic altogether. I will address this some other time. Learning how to tattoo is no easier than learning how to become a mechanical engineer or an accountant, so don’t look at it as an easy way out. If you are going to pick up a machine, respect the machine, respect the art, respect the industry, and respect the people who are your canvases; and most of all, respect yourself and your own time. Pick up a machine for the right reasons; and when you pick it up, work damn hard at it.]>>
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