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The Art and Symbolism of Arrow Tattoos: Exploring Designs and Meanings | Chronic Ink Tattoo

The Art and Symbolism of Arrow Tattoos: Exploring Designs and Meanings | Chronic Ink Tattoo

Arrow tattoos often are derived from the Native American culture and way of life. In the Native American culture, an arrow tattoo signifies strength in hunting as well as one being a powerful weapon in war. Native Americans cherished the arrow symbol because they were extremely adamant on protecting their home, family, and tribes from attack, and their weapon for safety was a bow and arrow. Because of this, arrow tattoos today symbolize strength in certain phase in someone’s life and direction in finding your way. They also represent personal achievement and the fight it takes to get there. There are a wide range of different arrow designs, and each design represents a specific and unique meaning. In this guide, Chronic Ink Tattoo will guide you through some of the most popular arrow tattoo designs and what they stand for. If you’re in the Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Kitsilano, or Vancouver area, and ready to get your very own arrow tattoo, consider dropping by one of our convenient locations today. We’d love to help.
Arrow on Tricep


An arrow that is being pulled back on a bow but is not released symbolizes intense focus, readiness, and aim. An arrow that has been released from a bow represents a transition from focus to action. Someone who has one of these two designs may be implying that they are ready to take on whatever comes their way as well as maintaining the focus they need to be readily prepared.



An arrow with the tip broken off of it may seem like it represents defeat, but it actually symbolizes the end of a battle. Most of the time, this type of tattoo represents that someone has overcome conflict with themselves, such as addiction, breaking an old habit, or growing out of a negative personality trait.



A tattoo of a bundle of arrows usually comes with a bundle of five arrows. The five arrows represent the five nations of the Iroquois League, who were a Native American army made up of the five most powerful tribes. The bundle of arrows tattoo represents this confederacy and symbolizes readiness for battle.



An arrow with a compass on it represents the fact that, no matter how far away you are, your target will still be hit. This can be directed towards a phase of life where, even in the times of losing your path or way in life, you were still able to accomplish your goal or overcome a fear or unexpected situation. compass arrow


This arrow tattoo is simple yet full of meaning, and is usually a small tattoo placed behind the neck, on one of your feet, wrists, or the upper arm. A single arrow represents independence and self-defense and is seemingly popular with women of all ages. It symbolizes one’s personal inner strength protect themselves as well as those around them.



Much like the two pieces of a heart, if two arrows are crossed, the tattoo represents truce and friendship. Many people get this tattoo with someone they love or have a close relationship with as matching tattoos. However, if the two arrows are pointing away from each other, it symbolizes war or conflict.



The astrological sign for a zodiac arrow is Sagittarius. An arrow and bow in astrology symbolize strength, masculinity, and sense of direction. In other words, the strength to keep moving forward and the sense of direction to never look back.



As you may have guessed, the Cupid arrow tattoo represents love. The Cupid arrow tattoo is simply a heart with an arrow running straight through it. Although this tattoo is extremely common, it’s meaning dates back to scientific mythology where Cupid, the God of desire and love, would shoot an arrow at people who he felt should be together, or bonded by love.


Final Thoughts About Arrow Tattoos

An arrow tattoo can represent the warrior side of who you are, but it’s important to remember that not all arrows represent the same thing. Whether it symbolizes strength, direction, self-defence, focus, or independence, an arrow tattoo suggests that you are always ready and willing to fight anything that gets in your way of life, even if it is a battle with your own inner demons. Reach out to Chronic Ink and Tattoo today to learn more about various arrow design options and how our team of talented tattoo artists can help bring your vision to life with a piece of artwork you can cherish for a lifetime. map arrow

Ready to Explore Your Own Arrow Tattoo?

Arrow tattoos are more than just aesthetically pleasing designs; they carry profound symbolism and personal meanings. Whether you choose a traditional arrow, a geometric design, or incorporate additional elements, such as feathers or animals, the possibilities for expressing your journey and direction are endless. Chronic Ink Tattoo offers expert tattoo artists who can help you create a meaningful arrow tattoo that resonates with your individual story and aspirations. 

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