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Bee Tattoo

Bee Tattoo Meanings and Placement Ideas

The Symbolism of the Bee

Bees are some of the most misunderstood insects on the planet, similar to spiders. Bees are crucial to the adequate nurturing and reproduction of various forms of trees, plants and crops that are integral to human survival. Without them, we wouldn’t have things like coffee or chocolate, so needless to say, the importance of the worker bee as an ally to mankind can’t be overstated. Even the lowly honey bee is necessary for the efficient survival and spread of flowers and plants that are important parts of the natural world. Today, with many bumble bee populations on the decline due to climate change and noxious pesticides, we are beginning to see the effects of a world without this wonderful creature. As such, it has become important to recognize the symbolism and immediate necessity of these animals, and there is no better way to show your support than through bee tattoo designs.

What does a bee tattoo symbolize?

Bees are wonderfully social creatures, as they live together in a hive for their entire lives. As such, each one of them is related somehow, and they all take care of one another until their last day. People with gregarious attitudes and a willingness to help others are the best candidates for bee tattoos, as they represent that personal aptitude and empathy that can only be found in helpful individuals. Aside from the teamwork that bees accomplish, there is also an individual perseverance that showcases just how tenacious they are. Oftentimes, workers will travel far from the hive in order to gather pollen to facilitate plant growth, and bring back food to produce for the hive. These bees don’t always make it back, so symbolizing someone who never gives up even until the bitter end. Parents can find great meaning in this form of symbolism, as you would do anything for your kids even if it hurt you, no matter what. The bee is also represented by the power of the sun, as bees need the sun in order to help facilitate the growth of the plants they fertilize. Thus, those who have an attachment to bees often have a bright, optimistic exterior, but can also be hardworking and tenacious. No matter what kind of person you are, there is almost always a part of the bee that you can personally reconcile with. Bee Tattoo Vancouver

What does a Queen Bee Symbolize?

In itself, the queen bee might not seem like much, but rather spoiled, as her worker bees provide her and her children with protection and food, ensuring that the hive runs smoothly while she luxuriates in comfort. Yet, there is much more to her than that, as she represents the entire community of bees under her care, one in which everyone has a job to do and provide for one another selflessly. A queen bee tattoo shows that you are appreciative and thankful of the support in your life, and grateful each time it helps you out of a bad situation. Instead of thinking about it as selfish, this sort of thankfulness makes the personal victories all the more sweeter when they arrive. No one should feel afraid of having support, but instead be guided by it, so that we are better able to help provide for ourselves. For all she does, the queen bee is a source of inspiration and safety for her workers, thus they will follow her wherever she goes in order to create a supportive hive around her. This translates well into friendships that last even through difficult times, and always end up better than they were before. Bee Sternum Tattoo

The Mythology of the Bee

Rome and Greece were fond of bees and the ways that they seemed to effortlessly transform dead areas into viable agricultural havens. Virgil, an ancient Roman poet, described the behavior of bees fertilizing flowers and crops as something almost magical, as though they were meant for one another to live in harmony. The power of bees to work together and create something beautiful was never underestimated by our ancestors, even though today we can take it for granted. Celtic Druids saw bees as symbols of the sun, various goddesses and a celebration of community and festivals centered on the natural order of things. Since bees were only ever present in areas that were healthy and thriving, they were seen as symbolic of both good luck and good fortune to the ancients.

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Bee Tattoo Designs

The nature of the bee is in itself rewarding and free, with an aptitude for living in harmony with others as well as the tenacity to get things done individually. Blackwork tattoos offer a primal way to showcase your love for this incredible insect, as well as help to make it seem more organic and natural. Darker, thicker colors can make even the harmless honey bee look menacing and tough, not always a bad thing. Bees need to work in order to protect their hive, so some form of intimidation is needed. Bee stingers are representative of this type of protection, as they create a sort of warning for those that would mess with the hive. This can translate to the protection of family and friends, even from someone who is otherwise shy and not prone to fights. Colorful bee tattoos help to avoid the rough-around-the-edges stereotype of this creatures. Whether you want a small tattoo with just a bit of color or a bigger piece that pops, the spritely nature of the bee works both ways. This multifaceted nature helps in getting people to understand just how important these animals are to the natural flow and order of the world. The many different tattoo designs for bees -whether natural and carefree or tough and spirited- and each represents the individual who bears the art upon them. Bees aren’t always nice, nor are they always mean, and it’s in knowing this that we can all come to a better understanding of how these creatures and other people work in harmony with one another. Bee Tattoo Toronto

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