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Belly Button Piercing – what you need to know

Belly Button Piercing – what you need to know

Belly button piercings experienced a surge in popularity in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, and while it seems they’ve since declined in use since that time, that’s actually not the case. Navel piercings are still going strong, and they still look good, too! If you’re considering a navel piercing, you’ll need to brush up on the necessary information before booking a piercer. It’s important to be prepared before you go in, understanding the options available and what to expect. This brief guide will tell you what you need to know about belly button piercings, how to care for them, and what to expect before you come on in. navel Piercing

How Do Navel Piercings Work?

Navel piercings, like ear piercings and other body modifications, are pretty straightforward. Your actual navel isn’t pierced, just the rim of skin above or below it. Upper navel piercings are more common than lower ones, though some people will go for both. Body piercing should always be done by a professional, regardless of the circumstances. A professional should never use a piercing gun for a navel piercing, and you shouldn’t trust a piercer that suggests one. Piercing guns are prone to causing infection and damage. The actual piercing is rather quick. While you shouldn’t feel anxious or scared about the piercing, you should be prepared.

What Types of Body Jewelry Can I Wear?

Navel jewelry comes in many forms, the most common being curved barbells and captive bead belly button rings. These are simple designs, and typically made of various types of shiny metals. Spiral belly rings are also available, as well as dangling jewelry. Belly button jewelry can have chandelier pieces, charms, or jewels to add a flashier appearance. There are hundreds of designs and options online, though it’s recommended that you buy carefully. Only buy body jewelry made with non-allergenic materials. Otherwise, you may be at risk of infection, irritation, scarring or even rejection. If your piercing is fresh, you should avoid switching out jewelry until your piercer says it’s safe, and don’t use jewelry that’s too heavy. Navel Jewelry

How Long Is the Healing Process?

It can take anywhere from three to six months for a belly button piercing to heal. This depends on how often it’s cleaned, how much you mess with it, and how much ‘damage’ was done during the piercing. Some belly button piercings heal very quickly, while others might heal slower, like other surface piercings. Other factors like your immune system, stress, and sleep can have an effect on the healing process as well. Regardless of how long it takes, you should continue cleaning and caring for your belly button piercing as long as you have it. Lint and sweat and roll into your navel, so it’s important to clean the area often.

What Should I Do For Piercing Aftercare?

Until your belly button completely heals, you should clean it twice a day. Many piercers recommend doctoring the area in the morning, and again before you go to bed. You can buy a cleaning solution for this, or make your own with sea salt and clean water. To clean it, hold a cup of saline solution over your belly, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Pat it down, and avoid messing with the piercing too much. Always wash your hands before touching your piercing, as your hands can carry germs and cause infection. If you find yourself sweating at any point during the day, you should try and wipe it down once you’re done exercising. Avoid going to public pools until your piercing is healed.

How Do I Get A Belly Button Piercing?

As mentioned above, you should only trust professional piercers to handle your belly button piercing. This is a process that requires a clean environment and a trained hand, so you shouldn’t let any hobbyists do it at home. Whether you’re interested in belly button piercings or just curious about how things work, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional .

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