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Japanese Tattoo Artists

The Best Asian Tattoo Artists in Toronto & Vancouver

Asian tattoos have a special place in our culture at Chronic Ink. When we started out, we were a single shop doing Asian tattoos in a Markham mall. Today we’ve expanded with two more thriving locations in Toronto & Vancouver, offering all sorts of tattoo styles. But we still take pride in having the best Asian tattoo artists in our Toronto & Vancouver tattoo studios.

About Traditional Oriental Tattoos - Japanese Style Tattoos and Chinese Style Tattoos

Picturesque and bold, Asian tattoos have a vibrant history. In Japan, evidence suggests tattooing was common all the way back to the Palaeolithic era, as long ago as 10,500 B.C.! In Western China, tattooed mummies have been dated as far back as 2100 B.C. The Asian tattoo style we recognize today, however, really dates back to the 18th century. The emergence of woodblock printing gave rise to major changes in the art form. Woodblock printing spread colourful heroic images from the Chinese novel, Suikoden, to the public. Suikoden Tattoo The prints told the heroic story of 108 rebels and their adventures. The characters were shown with full body tattoos featuring the styles and motifs that are synonymous with Asian tattoos today. The demand for these tattoos was immediate, resulting in many woodblock artists becoming tattoo artists. The art of irezumi (Japanese tattooing) from this era usually resulted in full body tattoos. Today, however, Japanese tattoo artists often perform these tattoos as back, shoulder, chest, hand, sleeve, or partial sleeve tattoos.

Asian Tattoo Motifs

While not everyone still embraces the full-bodied tattoos of Suikoden, our Asian tattoo artists still have frequent requests for the motifs and style. Most Asian tattoos feature the elements of either wind, waves, or fire. But the motifs incorporated can vary widely including:
  • Dragons
  • Koi Fish
  • Flowers (Peonies/Lotus)
  • Samurai
  • Phoenix

Asian Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are one of the most recognizable motifs in Asian tattoos. They are generally symbols of wisdom, strength, wind, water, and a force for good. Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoos

The Japanese word for Carp, Koi fish tattoos have a number of meanings depending on their colours and style. Commonly they symbolize overcoming adversity, inspired by a story about koi climbing a waterfall. Koi Lotus Tattoo

Asian Flower Tattoos

Asian flower tattoos contain a lot of meaning, with different flowers symbolizing different things. Among the most popular are the lotus and peonies. The lotus is an allegory for life, rising from the mud to become a beautiful flower. A Buddhist, “started from the bottom now we here,” story. It symbolizes, purity, long life, and honour. Peonies Tattoo Like the lotus, peonies represent the struggles of life. They are also symbols of luck, beauty, and wealth. They are often paired with other motifs like samurai and koi fish.

Chinese Samurai Tattoos

Samurai tattoos can contain a variety of meanings, but the main symbolism generally comes down to the attributes of a samurai, strength and courage. They are usually worn as large tattoos covering the full body, back, or sleeve. Japanese Warrior Tattoo

Asian Phoenix Tattoos

In Western culture portrays the phoenix as a symbol of rebirth and life. In Asian tattoos, the phoenix is a powerful symbol of high virtue and grace. It is often depicted as the female balance to the masculine dragon. Phoenix Tattoo

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Toronto & Vancouver’s Best Asian Tattoo Artists

Our studio is proud to host some of the best tattoo artists in Toronto & Vancouver. We have some of the city’s most talented artists of Asian tattoo styles and motifs. They provide traditional and neo-traditional styles. Some of our best Asian Tattoo artists include:
  • Tommy Guo
  • CJ
  • Louisa
  • Patrick Paul O’Neil

Tommy Guo

Tommy Guo is one of the best artists of Asian tattoos in Toronto & Vancouver. He works expertly in black and grey as well as colour. His work is detailed and emotive. Koi Fish Asian Colour Tattoo


CJ uses intricate detail and sharp contrasts to create visually striking Asian tattoos. Asian Tattoo Peonies Blackwork


Louisa is talented at integrating her tattoos into the natural shape and flow of the body, making them look like they belong there. Asian Phoenix Tattoo

Patrick Paul O’Neil

Patrick can perform Asian tattoos with modern stylization, or to mimic the styles of the Edo period. Dragon Asian Colour Tattoo Searching for Asian tattoo ideas and inspirations? Our artists have a vibrant Asian colour tattoo gallery, as well as bold and beautiful Asian black and grey tattoos.
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