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What To Look For in The Best Piercing Shops

pierce one or many parts of your body is a big deal. And before you jump all in and drive to the first piercing shop you see, it’s best to take some time and do your research. You want to make sure that the piercing shop is clean and sterile and that its piercers are experienced and professional. But what exactly should you look for? This guide will help you understand those elements of a piercing shop that are important and how to find the perfect place for your next piercing. As always, if you live in or around the Toronto, Mississauga area, don’t hesitate to reach out to Chronic Ink and Tattoo or stop by our shop for all of your needs. From answering questions to advising on aftercare and professional piercings that are done right, we’ve got you covered.

Is the Studio Licensed?

Every piercing studio in Toronto, Markham, Newmarket and Mississauga needs to be licensed. But, keep in mind that just because a studio is licensed, this does not mean that the piercer is properly trained and qualified to do body piercings. Be aware that some jurisdictions require tattoo and piercing shops to be licensed while others may only require a permit. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop manager what licenses they have (if any).

Is the Studio Sterile, Clean, and Kept Up?

When it comes to piercing and tattoo shops near you, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Whenever you have a new piece of body jewellery put in, or get new ink, your skin is breached, making it more susceptible to infection. A clean and sterile shop is important in preventing any complications and infections with new piercings or tattoos. Make sure that the piercing shop has individual rooms set aside for both piercing and sterilization of instruments and equipment. Also, both the shop and its workers should be visibly clean and tidy. Again, don’t hesitate to ask about sanitation procedures and what types of measures they take to minimize risks for customers. Clean Piercing Studio

Is There an Autoclave on Site?

Autoclaves are machines that are used by piercers and tattoo artists to sterilize instruments, body jewellery, and equipment. Every piercer should have an autoclave in the studio to make sure that everything being used is safe, clean, and free from bacteria. That said, not all shops have autoclaves and while they do provide superior sterilization there are other methods that are also quite safe.

Does the Studio Regularly Run Spore Tests?

Spore tests are imperative in making sure that the autoclave and other sterilization techniques are performing as they should. A spore test looks at an autoclave’s or other procedure’s efficiency in killing dangerous virus and organisms that can cause disease. Spore tests are also called biological indicators. Results from spore tests may be required to pass inspections depending on the jurisdiction, and any reputable piercer should be obliged to show you spore test results upon request.

What Does the Piercing Shop’s Body of Work Look Like?

When looking at a piercing shop’s portfolio, first make sure that the piercings were well placed and done on previously healthy areas. Just like looking at a tattoo artist’s portfolio, it’s important to also check out your piercer’s portfolio as well. If you wouldn’t let a tattoo artist tattoo you without first seeing their portfolio, then why would you let a piercer do the same? In looking at a piercer’s portfolio, there should be plenty of photographs of healed piercings as these also indicate that the piercer is reputable, experienced, and professional.

Always Ask if the Piercer Provides Aftercare Instructions

Just like tattoo artists, piercers should provide their clients with a printed list of aftercare instructions to take home after the piercing. All reputable piercers should inform their clients of their aftercare instructions in order to make sure that the piercing heals properly and without infection. An experienced piercer will not only verbally explain your aftercare instructions, they will also send you home with a sheet of paper explaining everything you need to know in detail so that you can refer back to them if you need to at any point during the healing process.

Do All Piercing Shops Sell Jewelry?

While not always a deal-breaker, this is a question we see a lot. After all, once you get a piercing you’ll want to immediately show it off. But more than that, new piercings often should not be swapped out with different jewelry for a certain period of time to allow for proper healing. As such, finding a piercing shop near you that also stocks and sells a diverse range of jewelry to choose from is a wise choice. Body Jewelry Newmarket

Can I Go to the Piercing Shop for Infections?

Any repeatable piercing shop can give you both preventative care advice to prevent infections, as well as basic care and cleaning instructions if your piercing does become infected. Mild infections that cause nothing more than redness and a bit of irritation may be eradicated with topical antibiotics your piercer can recommend, along with a saltwater rinsing routine. However, infections beyond that should be treated by a physician and at their discretion may require antibiotics.

The Importance of Using Your Intuition

It’s exciting to decide to get something on your body pierced. But don’t let that excitement overtake you. It’s never a good thing to be impulsive as far as tattoo and piercing shops go. Be aware that if a quoted price seems too low or too good to be true, then it probably is, and you might not be working with a reputable piercer. As with anything, you get what you pay for. Always trust your instincts because your intuition will never lead you astray. Your intuition, along with some research, will always lead you to the right piercing shop that will be good for you and the type of body piercing you are looking to get. Also, a reputable shop will never use a piercing gun. Be wary of any shop that does, as any solid piercer will never need to use a piercing gun to accomplish a piercing.

Where is the nearest body piercing shop?

Getting ready to Google “body piercing shop near me”? Don’t. You’ve already landed on Toronto’s very best. At Chronic Ink Tattoo, we proudly serve the Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Reach out or stop by today to find out why so many local Toronto, Markham, Newmarket and Mississauga residents trust us with their piercings and tattoos.

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