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Los Angeles Tattoo Artist

5 Tips for Finding the Best Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles

5 Tips for Finding the Best Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles Finding the best tattoo artists in a city as large as Los Angeles is no easy task. Worse, the best tattoo artist in Los Angeles for someone else may not be the best for you. Given this, your next question might be… Best Los Angeles Tattoo Artist

How Do I Find a Good Tattoo Artist?

Even though “best” is variable from person to person, you still may want to start by simply asking around. If you don’t live in Los Angeles already, just start making some phone calls and visiting online chatrooms and forums. With something as widespread as Los Angeles tattoo obsession, there are plenty of ways to connect with people who have been in the exact same position as you. If you have an idea of what you want your piece to look like, focus on tattoo artists in Los Angeles that specialize in your unique style. A customized tattoo isn’t hard to find in the best tattoo shops in Los Angeles or Studio City area. There are plenty of competent artists to choose from, so all you can do is start looking for referrals and start meeting with the artists themselves after you do plenty of research. There are databases of tattoo directories that can come in handy with this process as well. In today’s digital age, you can cover a lot of ground by searching hashtags on social media and seeing what artists pop up. This will allow you to put a visual to the artist that you just can’t see by calling around. If all else fails, start driving around to the shops closest to you so you can get a better feel for what they're all about. Realism Tattoo Artist Los Angeles


Lines can be a surefire way to see if a tattoo was done skillfully. If the artist’s hand has the slightest shake, it will be revealed in the lines. If they take their eyes off the piece for even a split-second, it will show up in the form of a wobbly, wonky line. Ideally, you want a line to be straight and done in a single pass, that way there is no overlap or unnatural looking thickness where it wasn’t supposed to be. You want a tattoo to look perfect in every way, and it starts with the smallest details. By closely examining an artist’s portfolio, you can see where they may have their weak spots. Portrait Tattoo Los Angeles


The coloring of your tattoo can be the part that truly stands out. Whether you’re looking for a bleak black and white or a vibrant collage of colors, it all starts with how well the coloring and shading were done. If the shade is uneven, it is sure to stand out. If the coloring looks to be poorly mixed or splotchy, it can ruin an otherwise fantastic design. You want it all to be expertly blended with an even shade unless your design calls for otherwise. Some lesser artists may leave lines where they moved over the skin to fill in an area or places where they must have run out of ink before reloading. This is another sure bet when you want to see how truly skilled a tattoo studio is.

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Do Outlines Meet Up

The outline is what makes a tattoo come all together. The original design will serve as the base in which they can build their entire picture. If the outlines don’t match up, it can be distracting upon closer inspection. A proper tattoo artist will take care with their outlines so that the rest of the piece will fall into place. It can be easy to miss these minute details if you only gloss over the image of a tattoo that an artist has previously done. If they choose to not meet the outlines before moving on, it shows that their attention to detail may be lacking. The right tattoo artist will take their time with your piece, so everything looks as incredible and striking as possible. Tattoo Sleeve Los Angeles

Is Their Portfolio Consistently Good?

Tattoo styles can vary wildly. By taking a hard look at an artist’s portfolio, you can tangibly see what they may be best at. If there are some duds along the way, then maybe they aren’t the right choice for your customized tattoo. You don’t want to settle when it comes to something as permanent as a tattoo. There are enough talented artists in Los Angeles that there’s no need to take a leap of faith on someone who doesn’t catch your eye. A portfolio is the best way to see what a person is all about. It’s not just about the overall design either, the amazing parts of any good tattoo come in the intricate details. If you want a tattoo to truly tell a story that means something to you, then you’ll want to make sure that your artist knows what they’re doing. Black and Gray Tattoo Los Angeles

Do You Like Their Style?

This part is a given. If you don’t like an artist’s previous work, you may run the risk of disliking the work they do on you. Many artists put their own unique spin on any given tattoo style, that’s why they’re artists, and that’s why you should do your research into their style and decide if it will be right for you in the long run. Even so, just because they have done certain styles in the past doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes to give you the best tattoo possible. It’s a good idea to check for a variety of opinions from different artists and different Los Angeles Tattoo Shops so you can see the unique spin they suggest for your piece. If you keep an open mind in the pre-planning process, you just may find a design that blows you away more than the original. Black and Grey Best Tattoo Artist Los Angeles

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