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Who are the Best Tattoo Artists in Toronto?

Who is the Best Asian Tattoo Artist in Toronto?

Asian-style tattoos incorporate aspects from Asian lore and combine them with vibrant colours and highly-structured lines. Asian tattoos are generally large and cover the entire back or at least an arm. Each tattoo features a central theme which is elaborated upon, and many of these designs will follow certain rules, such as always pairing certain animals with certain flowers. While tattoos are still something of a taboo in Asian countries due to their association with gangsters, more and more Westerners are embracing the cultural legacy of Irezumi-style tattoos. An evolution of this look is called neo-Asian style, which combines the rich legacy of Asian tattoos with a more modern tattoo aesthetic, resulting in exquisite designs that follow the contours of your body. One of the best overall studios in Toronto, Chronic Ink, has made its name and reputation as one of the area’s best Asian and neo-Asian tattoo studios. Asian Style Phoenix Tattoo One of the best Asian-style tattoo artists in town is Danny from Chronic Ink. He masterfully combines traditional Irezumi style with bold lines and exquisite shading. He tends to stick to a desaturated colour palette and works mostly in black and grey. If you're looking for a foo dog sleeve tattoo, a noble samurai tattoo on your chest, or a bold dragon on your back, Danny Lin at Chronic Ink should be your first choice. Koi Sleeve Tattoo

Who is the Best Realism Tattoo Artist in Toronto?

Realism tattoos are a relatively new style in the world of tattoos, despite being popular in the rest of the art world for centuries. Realism, as the name suggests, focuses on hyper-accurate depictions of (mostly) real-world objects. Viking Dwarf Tattoo Since realism relies heavily on the artist’s skill, it can be one of the riskiest types of tattoos to get, especially when it comes to portraits. It's incredibly difficult to capture the likeness and character of a person, especially on someone else's skin. There are many photos on the internet showing just how badly realism-style tattoos can go wrong, which is why it's essential to only work with the best. Skull and Rose Tattoo George Chestak is one of the best when it comes to realism. He originally trained as an animator and still makes sure to sketch out a design of his pieces on paper before moving onto the skin. This gives him the muscle memory he needs to execute the tattoo flawlessly. No matter the subject, George is able to translate it into a vivid tattoo that accurately depicts your vision.

Who is the Best Fine Line Tattoo Artist in Toronto?

Fine line tattoos are a new style that's emerged thanks to the advances in tattooing technology that allow artists to draw incredibly fine lines that were previously impossible. Most fine line tattoos represent symbols or objects without the use of colour, shading, or texture. This results in a minimalist-style tattoo that can still contain an amazing amount of detail. Sternum Dragon tattoo The biggest challenge with fine line tattoos is that the artist needs to have an incredibly steady hand; there's very little room for error and no space to fix mistakes once they have been made. It's always a good idea to visit a reputable and well-known fine line tattoo artist like Joanna Roman. She's the owner of the Mississauga location of Chronic Ink, and she spends her time perfecting her skill at fine line tattoos. Her precise and steady hands have created some excellent typographic and fine line tattoos. If you're looking to dip your toe into the world of tattoos, fine line tattoos are a great place to start, and Joan is the best artist to work with. Small Rose Tattoo

Who is the Best Blackwork Tattoo Artist in Toronto?

You can easily recognize a blackwork tattoo by its strong lines, geometric patterns, and bold designs. Blackwork relies exclusively on black ink and takes a lot of inspiration from etching and engraving. While most people tend to associate blackwork with Polynesian imagery, there are many other designs within the style that are gaining in popularity. Blackwork tattoos exist in a number of different aesthetics, so finding the right artist to execute your particular design can be difficult. Illustrative Tattoo - Rhino Chest Piece Sebastian Camargo from Chronic Ink can apply black ink in an astonishing amount of ways. From complex geometric pattern tattoos to blackwork portraits and everything in between, Sebastian is an incredibly versatile artist. If you're looking for bold designs that will look great for decades to come, be sure to check out Sebastian's portfolio and see why he's one of the best tattoo artists in Toronto. Nio Guardian Tattoos

Who is the Best Illustrative Artist in Toronto?

The illustrative tattoo style can actually describe a huge array of different aesthetics and techniques; the only common thread is that they look like sketches on skin. Illustrative tattoos also take inspiration from etchings and engravings, German expressionism, and even art movements of the early 20th century. They can be done in colour or greyscale and everything in between. They can be realistic or just a few lines that evoke a certain feeling. Illustrative artists take inspiration from a variety of other tattooing styles, such as blackwork and watercolour, and combine them into their own unique style. The only limits to the illustrative style are those of your imagination. Peacock tattoo Each illustrative tattoo artist is going to have their own style, which is why it's always important to do your research and chat with the artist before committing to your tattoo. Most illustrative tattoo artists are keen to experiment with colours and textures in order to achieve your desired design. Amber Robyn combines vibrant colours with exacting line work to create tattoos that look like they were copied off the page of a book. She's a very versatile artist who is willing to tackle any number of different styles. If you've got an idea, she'll be able to execute it to the highest standard possible. New Tattoo Healing The tattoo artists at Chronic Ink span the gamut of styles. Get in touch with one of our artists to start fleshing out that design you’ve always wanted.

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At Chronic Ink Tattoo, our talented artists are ready to help you explore any style of tattoo to make sure you find something you’ll want to show off for decades to come. If you’re in the Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Kitsilano Vancouver area drop by our shop and check us out for yourself.

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