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Retouching tattoos

The Best Toronto & Vancouver Cover Up Tattoo Artists

Considering a cover-up tattoo? You’re in good company. In Toronto & Vancouver, cover-up tattoos are increasingly common, and in the USA, 5% of the population has a cover-up. And the reasons for getting a cover-up are as varied as the tattoos themselves. Good cover-up artists are unique talents, and they rank among the best tattoo artists in Toronto & Vancouver. Some of the most popular reasons for getting a cover-up tattoo include:
  • Covering up scars
  • Tattoo fix-ups
  • Covering up tattoos

Cover Up Tattoo Artists for Scars

Scars, burns, birthmarks and blemishes are things that many people want to cover-up. A tattoo can offer a solution that transforms a scar into a piece of art. For some, it’s a way to hide marks, for others it’s a way to empower and overcome. Regardless of the reasons, scar cover-ups artists require a talent for blending and working with the flow of the body. Placing a tattoo over a scar without forethought can result in an unnatural or distorted tattoo. By working with the scar, artists blend the design into the existing flow of the body. The result is a tattoo that looks natural and appears as desired.
Scar Tattoo

Tattoo Fix Up Artists

Most everyone loves their tattoo when they first get it. But over time, some develop a more critical eye. That once bold tattoo can start to fade, or maybe you start to question if you should’ve shelled out a little more cash for a more accomplished tattoo artist. If you’ve fallen out of love with a tattoo, a fix-up artist may be all you need. Retouching can bring a fading tattoo back to life. Tattoo Retouch Artist A fix-up tattoo artist can even transform a piece that didn’t turn out quite as you planned. Instead of the expense of a complete cover-up, you can get the tattoo you want with a skillful touch-up. Retouching tattoos

Cover Up Tattoo Artists

The most common type of cover-up is covering an existing tattoo. People choose to get a cover-up for all sorts of reasons. People may want to cover an offensive tattoo, a poorly executed piece, the names of ex-lovers, or simply to make room for something new. Regardless of reason, cover-up tattoos are an excellent solution. Often, cover-up tattoos are an alternative to tattoo removal. They are cheaper and faster than laser removal. Most cover-up tattoos can be done in a single sitting, as opposed to multiple sessions with weeks of rest in between for removals. The best cover-up tattoo artists can work with your existing tattoo to blend existing lines, styles and colours into your new ink. This is important because it keeps your cover-up from looking like a cover-up. This is a second chance to get a tattoo you’ll love. Cover Up Tattoo Artist While cover-ups are an ideal alternative to removal for many people, artists often still recommend fading. Fading before a cover-up tattoo makes the tattoo easier to work with. It is accomplished with one or two sessions of tattoo removal to lighten and fade the old ink. This reduces the size and density of ink needed to cover it while increasing creative options.

The Best Cover Up Tattoo Artists in Toronto & Vancouver

At Chronic Ink, we’re proud to work with some of the best tattoo artists in the city. We take a look at some of our top cover-up artists and their work.

Neil T.

Neil is the go-to-guy for gamer and nerd culture tattoos. He’s also one of the best cover-up artists out there. TMNT Tattoo

Ted Kim

Ted Kim is know for his incredible Asian style and Blackwork tattoos. As well as his skillful cover-up work. Cover Up Tattoo

Lynsey Hayton

Lynsey is know for her incredibly bold Neo-traditional tattoos and ability to perform excellent cover ups to hide your unwanted tattoos. Cover Up Tattoo Artist

Amber Robyn

Specializing in cover ups of all types and very happy to help with the cover up of self harm/abuse/surgery scars Wolf Coverup Tattoo

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