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Bird Tattoo

Bird Tattoos and Their Meaning

People have always been drawn to birds, especially as a representation and sense of freedom. As a whole, birds represent our eagerness and desire to live a spiritually free and happy life. Some cultures even valued birds to be a representation of eternal life; as in the connection between heaven and earth. There are countless types of birds, and each unique representation of a bird in tattoo art symbolizes a different aspect of what we value as human beings. The following guide takes a closer look at some of the most popular bird tattoos and what they stand for.

Dove Tattoo

Which bird tattoo are you drawn to the most?

Cardinal tattoos derive from German culture. The bright red wings of the cardinal represent a passion for life, and the cardinal itself represents youth and happiness.
Doves are seen to be more of a religious in Christianity as they are the typical bird that is released at weddings. Dove tattoos represent peace and love, and they are also known to value innocence.
Ravens are probably the most mysterious of the birds, which is why these tattoos symbolize wisdom and intelligence. A raven tattoo is one of the most interesting bird tattoos because there is also a more negative side to what they represent. And that is the mystery of darkness and death. All in all, a raven tattoo represents magic, secrets, mystery, and intelligence. Whether these meanings are positive or negative merely depends on the person who has it.
Like the raven, owls represent wisdom and knowledge, but their symbolism is a bit different as they also represent transition. The owl tattoo has been extremely popular in the Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures as they believed that the owl represented protection and was seen to be a guardian of death. Because of this, the owl was referred to as the “Angel of Death.” Native Americans believed that owls were the protector of sacred knowledge, and seeing an owl meant that a loved one is being guarded in the afterlife. Even though the raven tattoo and owl tattoo both generally represent wisdom and knowledge, they highly differ in what kind of mystery they represent.
Blackbird tattoos symbolize potential when it comes to a higher sense of ideals, thoughts and intelligence. They are very popular in alchemy as alchemists value their higher sense of knowledge when transitioning into the afterlife. They are a symbol of transformation and higher energy.
Bluebirds represent happiness and luck. They more so symbolize the reminder that with luck and good fortune, there will be prosperity and joy in the near future. This bird tattoo is one of the only birds that do not have a dark symbolism or meaning.
The eagle tattoo represents power and strength. Eagle tattoos are most popular in the American culture as the bald eagle not only symbolizes this power and strength, but also symbolizes American patriotism and dedication to their country.
Hawk tattoos represent honour. Hawks are known for their instinctive ability to hunt their prey, therefore symbolizing bravery and protection in a state of war.
Parrots are the colourful, chipper, and most talkative of the bird family. Because they can learn and speak, a parrot tattoo represents communication and companionship. These tattoos can be done in any combination of colours to make it even more personalized to fit what you value most.
Swan tattoos symbolize beauty, elegance, loyalty, and love. In astrology, swans are governed by the planet Venus, and the astrological meaning of Venus is the planet of beauty. In mythology, a swan symbolizes a goddess of love.
Swallow tattoos were mostly valued by sailors as a symbol of a safe journey and protection of the soul. Swallow tattoos represent peace, motherhood, and safety.
A tattoo of a small bird represents the inspiration to accomplish what we may think is impossible every day; in other words, it reminds us to conquer our failures and doubts in order to continue living a free and unblocked life.
A flying bird symbolizes optimism, ease, and family value. Flying bird tattoos most commonly seen in a set of three birds which derived from the meaning of the number three in numerology, which means to give joy. The flying bird tattoo was also praised by the Aztecs and symbolized the “power of the gods.” Their belief was that flying birds were God's messengers and were sent to bring blessings and spread positivity and optimism throughout the world.

Humming Bird Tattoo


As a whole, bird tattoos represent physical and spiritual freedom in life, and each type of bird symbolizes an even deeper and more insightful representation of what it means to honestly live a free and happy life. When you’re ready to get your very own, or discuss your options, give the team at Chronic Ink Tattoo a call or drop by one of their conveniently located tattoo shops today!

Old School Swallow Tattoo

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