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Septum jewelry

Types of Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing as a form of body modification or body art, representing one of the earliest forms of artistic expression practiced by humans. Today there are virtually an endless amount of body piercings options that you can choose from. Obviously, some are more popular than others, while others are unique to specific personal styles and fashion statements. Here are some popular jewelry styles that you can choose from!


The first record of a nose ring was documented about 4000 years ago in the Middle East. It is also an important culture of African tribes, namely the Beja and Bedouin Tribes. To this day, instead of wearing a ring on their finger, new husbands give their wives a ring to wear on their nose. If you have ever wondered why it is generally more common for someone to get the left side of their nose pierced as opposed to the right, then you can credit the Indian culture as they associate the left side of a woman’s nose with their reproductive organs. Male Nostril Piercing As time went on, nose piercings became more popular as it flew through the hippy era as well as rock and roll. Nowadays, nose piercings are a socially acceptable part of modern style. Having said that, here are some popular types of nose jewelry.


Nostril piercings are the most common type of nose piercing and, nowadays, are generally done on either side of the nose just above your nostril crease. They also have the widest variety of jewelry options including:
  • Studs: often a metallic ball or round jewel
  • Nostril screws: sit flat inside the nostril
  • L shaped pins: as the name suggests are “l-shaped” on the back side
  • Nose rings: come in many shapes sizes and styles
  • Circular barbells: barbell-shaped options in a number of sizes
  • Captive ball rings: a combination of a ring with a ball of metal or other material


High nostril piercings are a less common location that is placed higher on the nose. People with high nostril piercings have fewer jewelry options, but they have a more personal style as they are popularly used with other nose piercings. High Nostril piercings are more difficult to perform and there are only three types of high nostril nose jewelry including:
  • Studs
  • Nostril screws
  • L shaped pins


The septum piercing is a hoop that goes through the middle of your nose and requires two holes. They are among the most nose piercing for both the piercer and the customer, but they do get a lot of attention. The two main types of septum jewelry are circular barbells and captive bead rings.


Believe it or not, the belly button piercing was originally a sign of royalty and more commonly worn by masculine men. The tradition was started in Egypt by the Pharaoh who deemed it to be unacceptable for non-royalty to get this piercing. It was even punishable by death! The good news is that that tradition is no longer valid, so anybody who wants a belly button piercing is free to flaunt this style. There are tons of different types of belly button jewelry to choose from
  • CURVED BARBELL: This is the most common and simple type of belly jewelry. It is a simple curved barbell with a jewel or design at the bottom.
  • DANGLES: This is much like the curved barbell, but the jewel dangles from the belly button as opposed to being a stiff, unmovable gem.
  • TOP DOWN RINGS: A top-down ring is much like what it sounds like where the gem or design is at the top of the barbell instead of dangling from the bottom.
  • CAPTIVE BEAD RINGS: Also known as circular barbells, this piece of jewelry is shaped like a horseshoe and hangs down from both sides of the piercing.


No matter what your style, there are a multitude of body piercing options and types of body jewelry to choose from. At Chronic Ink, our team of professional piercing artists can help you find the perfect fit for your personality, style and more.

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