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Do Daith Piercings Cure MIgraines

Can Daith Piercings Really Cure Migraines?

KSL and Fox News have discussed the use of daith piercings to cure chronic migraines, they were unable to answer whether they really work. At the moment this cure is unproven but does have a lot of testimonials, claiming it works.

What Is A Daith Piercing?

A Daith piercing, pronounced "dayth," is a type of ear piercing. It is a piercing on the inner cartilage fold above the ear drum. A curved bar or a ball closure ring are common jewelry for this piercing. Unique, but not uncommon, daith piercings have become noticeably more popular since the migraine cure claims came out.

How Would A Daith Piercing Cure Migraines?

Daith piercing’s effectiveness as a migraine cure is scientifically unproven. But is there a scientific reason behind why it could, theoretically, work? Migraines are believed to be caused by problems with nerves and blood vessels in the head. The idea is that the daith piercing would help to relieve pressure in these nerves and blood vessels. The piercing would work much like acupuncture, which has been proven to help many people with temporary migraine relief. In acupuncture, needles are placed in pressure points to help remove the stress, relieving the pain of migraines. The belief is that since the daith piercing can be kept in permanently, it can keep migraines at bay longer. One of the main arguments against this concept is that the daith location is not on any of the head’s main pressure points. While scientifically, the supposed success of these piercings as a migraine cure is mysterious - many have still been compelled by the testimonials of other chronic migraine sufferers.

Daith Piercing as a Migraine Cure Testimonials

There are a wide range of claims being made, from reducing the frequency or severity of chronic migraines to being completely cured of them. It is worth noting, however, that any online search for testimonials seems to draw just as many people saying it didn’t work for them as people who swear it does. Is it a placebo effect? At this point, it’s hard to say. Even the CEO of Migraine Action, Simon Evans seems hesitant. While he is encouraged by the results of some he still states that it is not for everyone and is calling for proper clinical trials.

Final Thoughts

It would be great if it turns out that chronic migraines could be cured by daith piercings. We would be happy to know that our Toronto & Vancouver piercing studio would be helping people. But until it is proven, we would be remiss to claim these piercings work in this manner. Any potential migraine cure would get attention, so it’s no surprise daith piercings have been all over the media. But a cure that requires no drugs or ongoing treatments is almost too good to be true. And unfortunately, that may be the case here. Would we recommend a Daith Piercing? Sure, if you are looking for a cool, unique piercing daith is a great option. If you are looking for a migraine cure, however, we would recommend waiting until definitive research has been done.]>>
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