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Can Microblading be Removed?

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi permanent tattooing that is typically used as a cosmetic aid in order to create the perfect brow structure that looks the most lifelike. Microblading deposits pigment in your skin much like a tattoo, but with more defined, lifelike hair strokes. Your natural hair will help to work with any microblading procedure you get done, so you may want to grow it out as much as possible before your first appointment. Because our brow hairs tend to be finer than the rest of the hair on our bodies, it is important to find a professional brow artist who is familiar with many different hair types and styles. Microblading needs to something you are willing to invest in to get good work done, so be sure to do your research and learn as much as you can before jumping the gun on booking an appointment anywhere.

Skin Types and Your Cosmetic Tattoo

Depending on your skin, microblading can look and show up differently up close and at a distance. It might take some moving around in the mirror for a few weeks to see how things are healing and more of what the long term look will show up as. Oily skin can cause issues with a “blurring” of the ink, making it look prematurely faded or harder to see at a distance. If you are prone to oily skin, it might take you a bit more effort to ensure that your face is a bit drier during the initial healing process after you get the procedure done.

Choosing an Artist

A microblading artist typically specializes in the procedure and beauty makeup, or they may be a professional tattoo artist looking to expand their portfolio into cosmetic tattooing. When you first start out looking at places to go, check out their Google reviews or local guide’s tips on whether or not they’re worth your time. Once you find somewhere you like, stop in at your leisure and talk to the artists who specialize in microblading. Ask them any questions you may have and what to expect when you come in for your appointment. Any shop worth their salt will recommend certain things to do beforehand and answer your questions. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in a shop, take your money elsewhere. There are far too many good places to get a microblading procedure done to waste your time somewhere that is unwilling to accommodate your needs.

Taking Care of Your Microblading Treatment

Don’t use abrasive skin creams for the first few weeks after the procedure, and keep the area clean. Try to keep from picking any scabs that appear also. While they may look ugly, they are a natural part of the healing process that are needed in order to prevent scarring. If you have any intense pain or itching after more than the first week or two, you may want to consult with your doctor or artist in order to prevent an infection from starting.

Removing Microblading treatments

If for some reason you really don’t like your brows, there are some steps you can take in order to get them to fade a bit faster, either to grow out your natural brows again or simply wait for another treatment to get things the way you want them. There are many reasons why you could choose to do this: Your brows ended up being too thick or “chunky” looking Your brows are of irregular shape and size They are already prematurely fading, perhaps unevenly Keep in mind that you should still wait awhile after getting the procedure to see if things are turning out okay. The healing process can literally be ugly, what with scabs and redness or swelling for a few weeks. After this, wait a few more weeks before deciding on something new. Also, anything you do to prematurely fade your brows should be done without any invasive procedures if possible, such as laser treatments or skin peels.

DIY Tips for Fading

Excessive sweating and cleaning can prematurely fade the pigment in your brows, since the pigment is located under very superficial layers of skin, layers that slough off each day and over time take some of this pigment with it. Unlike a traditional tattoo, which is under more skin layers, microblading procedures are much more superficial in nature, so they will fade faster and more than a regular tattoo. Exfoliants that you traditionally use for your face can also create an abrasive effect that won’t harm your skin over the long term. It will still take at least a month or two before you start seeing any results, and they may vary based on numerous factors that can be out of your control. In the end, if you’re dissatisfied with your look, your best bet is to just wait and grow your eyebrows out as much as possible before the next procedure.

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