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Can Microblading Cause Scarring?

Can Microblading Cause Scarring?

Semi Permanent Tattooing and the Microblading Treatment

Cosmetic tattoos in the brow area are a relatively new tradition in the industry. Plenty of people have been getting permanent tattoos in their brow area for many decades, but there hasn’t really been a particular process for doing it until the last decade or so. Because of this, many people are trying out new styles and designs that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without painful laser surgery removal. Microblading deposits pigment using a needle-like piece of equipment similar to a tattoo gun. The only difference is that this needle gun only goes through the first few superficial layers of skin, which means that there is less pain as well as a less permanent quality. On average, microblading pigment lasts for up to a year. Natural hair is one of the most important aspects of microblading. If you simply want to use what you have, you’ll need to spend some time growing out your brows naturally so that your artist has more to work with when you book your appointment. You may also want to start with a clean slate and simply shave your brows in order to see what your artist can recreate on their own.

Skin Type and Microblading

The way that the pigment shows up over the long term will depend on your skin. The level of melanin as well as your skin type will be the biggest factors as to how long the pigment will last, as well as how dark or light it appears. Oily skin is the biggest detriment to microblading, as it tends to make you want to wash your face more, and thus slough off the superficial layers of skin that holds the pigment. It will look more faded sooner than the eight to twelve months it typically takes in order to fade and require another treatment. There are a few things to remember if you have a certain skin type before getting your microblading treatment: Oily skin can cause premature fading, and thus require more touch ups. This isn’t always the case, but definitely something to keep in mind. Wash your skin before getting the treatment done if you are prone to catching more oil or have larger pores. Don’t let your skin type dissuade you from getting your treatment done, just keep these few things in mind before you go. Let your artist know about any skin issues you may have that can compromise the pigment, and you can both work towards getting things done that works towards getting you the brows you want.

Picking a Shop to Go With

Your brow artist is a professional with experience in the type of treatment you are seeking, so trust them once you find somewhere to ask questions. Social media and online reviews will be your best bet in weeding out the bad apples from the good ones. Don’t be afraid to ask around locally for recommendations either, especially from friends who may have already had work done at a particular shop. No matter what, be sure to go in on your own and figure things out for yourself regardless of what kind of recommendations you get, as the most important thing to remember is that you feel safe and comfortable with whoever you decide to go with. If you don’t for whatever reason, it’s in oyur best interest to try somewhere else that is more accommodating and friendly for the type of cosmetic tattooing services you expect.

Getting the Procedure Done

Your artist will use a needle-like pen device to recreate hair strokes on your brow area for the duration of your microblading treatment. Sometimes they will also apply a numbing cream in order to lessen the discomfort of this needle going through your skin, but you shouldn’t feel like it’s going to be a completely painful process. If anything, it’s more akin to a small scratch than anything truly painful. Some people even say that waxing your brows is more painful than getting microblading done, so you are in good company in that regard.

Preventing Scars

Microblading should never leave you with unsightly scars, as the nature of where the pigment is deposited tends to prevent this. However, the healing process is where things can get messy in regards to causing issues that are potentially long lasting. With a decent amount of prep and plenty of time to take care of things properly, you won’t have any issues. Scars due to microblading treatment only tend to happen if you’re constantly picking at scabs around your brow area. This can be hard not to do because of the itchiness and general annoyances of healing, but you should never do it. Here is a shortlist of things to remember/do to prevent scars: Ensure that your brow artist is a licensed professional relative to the laws in your country. If they have a business license, look it up with the corresponding bureau. Don’t pick or remove any of the scabs that form in your brows, even the smallest ones. Let them be exposed to the area and fall off naturally. This usually only takes a few weeks if you leave them be. Try not to get any touch ups too soon after your initial treatment. You’ll want to wait at least two months before going back in if necessary, as adding more trauma to the area can compromise the healing process and cause scarring.

Signs of Infection

Outside of scarring, the only other thing to remember is to check for signs of infection. Redness and streaks that are coming from a wound in your brow area. Greenish weeping or pus in your scabs that is also painful and unsightly. Severe pain that doesn’t seem to be going away or is getting worse. As long as you’re properly cleaning the area and allow the natural healing to take place, you won’t have any issues with your microblading treatment, and you’ll be able to enjoy your brows for the foreseeable future.

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