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Chronic Ink’s Tattoos - 2017 Year In Review

Chronic Ink’s Tattoos - 2017 Year In Review

A look back at some of the most popular styles, stories, and trends in the tattoos of 2017.

2016 was a fun year for Chronic Ink. We moved to a new location, inked “teen-heartthrob” Shawn Mendes, got shout outs from Carmelo Anthony and Michael Phelps with our “Michael Phelps Death Stare Tattoo” that went viral. 2017 was another big year for us at Chronic Ink. This year saw a lot of new innovation in tattooing, and we opened our first Downtown Toronto location at Yonge and Gerrard.

The Best Of @ChronicInk’s Instagram Post’s in 2017

Let’s take a look at some of our proudest work that our tattoo artists received a lot of online love for in 2017. If you see anything that catches your eye, contact us here and we can help put you in touch with the artist responsible for the tattoo. Canadian Scenery Tattoos

This Bear and Mountain Scene evokes Canadian Pride.

Related Post: Do you consider yourself to be a proud Canuck? Check out these tattoos inspired by our Canadiana.

Fans of the anime hit “DragonBall Series” responded well to this tattoo.

Dragon BallZ Tattoos

A “striking” Samurai tattoo sleeve nearing completion.

Sleeves Samurai Tattoos

Our followers show approval for more Japanese anime. This time with a gorgeous scene from Studio Ghibli.

Japanese Tattoos Toronto & Vancouver

These three proud beasts combine for one black and white tattoo to be proud of.

Animal Tattoos Black & White Follow us on Instagram @ChronicInk to see more of our regularly posted work and get some inspiration for your next tattoo.

Our Tattoo Artists Kept it Light in 2017

We all have our own means of getting through the work day. Whether it’s listening to tunes or looking at cat videos on the internet. Our tattoo artist Neil decided to share a bit of the funnier side of being a tattoo artist in these hilarious videos. Just know, that we love all of the customers that come into our Toronto & Vancouver tattoo shops. Part 2:

2017’s New & Emerging Tattoo Trends & Styles

Mini Tattoo Rose Finger This small rose is an example of the emergence of tiny tattoos in 2017

Tiny Tattoos

Mini Tattoo Arm 2017 saw a big trend in tiny tattoos due to recent technological improvements in tattooing. The new tech has significantly improved the amount of precise detail in which our tattoo artists are able to apply to the smallest designs.

Helix TattooHelix Tattoos

We saw that Helix tattoos made a big impression on Instagram in 2017. These delicate, minimalist tattoos give off a simple and sophisticated look.

Sailor TattoosPin Up Girl Tattoo

Over the course of 2017, we noticed a high demand for sailor tattoos. The classic anchor, pin up girls, and images of both Swallows and Sparrows were common requests for people paying their respect to the traditional American tattoo style. Read more about the history and recent trends in sailor tattoos in our article “Hello Sailor, Old School Tattoos Are Back!”

Awards In 2017

We have an intense passion for what we do at Chronic Ink. Our passion has taken us to competitions all over Canada and the United States. We’re proud to showcase some of the hardware we were able to pick up over the course of 2017. Awards For Tattoo Artists

Looking Forward to 2018...

The way we get tattooed keeps evolving. It’s important to us that the tattoo artists at our Toronto & Vancouver shops are always up to date on new trends and fresh styles that are changing the way we express ourselves through ink. Here’s to a great 2017 and the amazing years ahead. hoping to embed the "Types of Clients at a Tattoo Shop" video (1 million+ views on instagram)
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