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Conch Piercing

Everything You Need to Know About Conch Piercing

While the decision to get any piercing is one you should make with care and careful consideration, you shouldn’t feel dread or anxiety about it. Conch piercings are a fun, unique fashion statement that is becoming very popular in Markham and Downtown Toronto. Like most ear piercings, conch piercings may hurt initially, but it’s nothing to worry about and they generally heal quickly with proper aftercare. Once the hole is fully healed, you can swap your conch jewelry and begin enjoying your new piercing. Ear jewelry can serve as a subtle touch to your appearance, or a statement to others. However, before you get any sort of piercing done, you should know the basics about how they work and what the word ‘aftercare’ entails.

What are Conch Piercings?

A conch piercing is a piercing that goes through the middle part of your ear. The name of this particular option comes from the shape of the ear, and how this area resembles a conch shell. A conch piercing goes through cartilage, so if you’ve had a cartilage piercing before, the initial level of mild discomfort and aftercare will be similar. Conch Piercing Toronto There are two types of conch piercings. The inner conch piercing (inner ear piercing) is located higher in the ear, while the outer conch is located lower. Aside from placement, not much changes between these two types. It’s important to discuss placement with your piercer beforehand. They might offer to mark the area for you, so you can decide whether an inner or outer conch piercing is right for you.

How Long Until A Conch Piercing Heals?

How fast newly pierced ears heal depends largely on you. If you take good care of your ears and follow all the instructions given, you might be fully healed within three months. If you experience an infection, heal slower than average. If you’ve received a dermal punch piercing, it might take up to nine months for the area to heal. Regardless of how fast you recover, you should be gentle with your piercing for the first 6 months. Clean it regularly, and avoid sleeping on your side.

What Kind of After-Care Is Involved for my Conch Piercing?

Because a piercing is technically an ‘injury’ to your body, it should be treated as such. That means you have to regularly clean the area to avoid infection. Many piercers recommend a saline solution to clean your ears. You can use any standard commercially prepared solution, or make your own using sea salt and water. Using a q-tip or cotton ball, gently clean the area and dab a generous amount of salt-water on. This will kill germs and prevent infection. At Chronic Ink our Piercers recommend using NeliMed Nelicleanse Piercing Aftercare for any of your Ear Piercing aftercare needs.
It’s also important that you wash your hands before touching your piercing. Do not touch your piercing unless you’re cleaning it. Your hands can carry opportunistic germs that will spread to your ear, and messing with your piercing can cause pain or damage. If you see signs of infection, you should take care to use antiseptic and antibiotics. Do not take the piercing out, and make sure to clean the site multiple times a day. Don’t get lazy with post-care and cleaning, and make sure to follow the instructions given to you.

What Kind of Conch Piercing Jewelry Can I Wear?

Before choosing any piercing jewelry, you need to make sure they don’t contain materials you’re allergic to. If you know you’re allergic to certain kinds of metal, make sure all of the jewelry you use is created using hypoallergenic metals, and if you have any concerns the friendly team at Chronic Ink and Tattoo is ready and happy to help. Multiple Conch Piercings - Newmarket After the piercing has healed, you can wear just about anything. Hoops and studs are popular among people with conch piercings, though there’s hundreds of options both online and inside jewelry stores. Regardless of what you wear, wear it safely and take care of your piercing. At our Toronto and Markham locations Chronic Ink has a wide selection of Body Jewelry available for your fresh and healed piercings from brands like Junipurr, BVLA and Maria Tash. Our piercers can work with you to find the jewelry that fits your piercing best.

Should I Get A Conch Piercing?

That depends on you. You should give it some thought before jumping in, and make sure you can afford a decent piercer. You should feel happy after getting your ears pierced, and thinking things through is the first step to an enjoyable piercing experience. Once the healing process is done, you can enjoy hundreds of earrings and designs. If you enjoy your conch piercing, you can get another part of your ear pierced. The ear is one of the most commonly pierced areas on the human body, for good reason. They’re a good place to start for people who are interested in getting piercings, but want to start slow.

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