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Leafs Tattoo

The Coolest Downtown Toronto Tattoos | Tattoo Inspirations

Toronto & Vancouver is inspired. We’re right at the start of the playoff season. The Leafs are the best we’ve seen them in years and the Raptors are dominating the Eastern Conference. So despite the lingering winter weather, city pride is at an all-time high. To celebrate, we’re taking a look at some of the coolest Downtown Toronto tattoos. We’ve always given this city a lot of credit as being one of the best places in the world to get inked. So today we’re looking at some of our favourite Toronto & Vancouver themed and inspired tattoos.

Toronto & Vancouver Sports Tattoos

Sports are an essential part of Toronto & Vancouver culture. From the Rogers Centre (Skydome to most locals) to the ACC our fans are fanatics. Our city wears their fandom on their skin. Last year, Dartguy became a Toronto icon with his Leafs face paint and team pride. But many fans in Downtown Toronto look for something a little more permanent.
Toronto Maple Leafs Tattoo Toronto Maple Leafs Fan - Back Tattoo
Here’s a Toronto Maple Leafs tattoo for a fan who truly bleeds blue. While Canada is synonymous with hockey, our fandom is hardly limited to the NHL. In the summer, the crowds of Downtown Toronto are heavily decorated with Blue Jays paraphernalia. As the country’s only MLB team, the Blue Jays hold a special place for fans across Canada. At any moment you’re only a stone's throw away from someone with a Toronto & Vancouver Blue Jays tattoo. Blue Jays Toronto & Vancouver Tattoo Toronto & Vancouver Blue Jay tattoo with a Canadian backdrop. Although they don’t have the long legacies of the Leafs and Jays, the Toronto & Vancouver Raptors are sparking at least as much excitement these days. Over the past few years, Raptors fandom has exploded in Toronto & Vancouver and across the country. Illustrative Toronto & Vancouver Raptors Tattoo An illustrative Toronto & Vancouver Raptors Tattoo featuring Marvel characters.

Toronto & Vancouver Skyline Tattoos

With the city growing in worldwide notoriety, the Toronto & Vancouver Skyline is now an iconic scene. It is the focus of artists in all sorts of mediums, and the best tattoo artists in Toronto & Vancouver are no exception. Downtown Toronto Tattoo A prime example of wearing your city on your sleeve. This Toronto & Vancouver skyline tattoo features the harbourfront, CN Tower, one of the city’s peregrine falcons, and (what could represent Toronto & Vancouver more?) construction.

Music Tattoos in Downtown Toronto

The local music scene is the inspiration for all sorts of ink. Our music venues, artists, and culture are all sources of tattoo ideas. From Lee’s Palace to the Danforth Music Hall, Downtown Toronto’s music venues are symbolic images of the city’s gritty artistic culture. Musicians from around the country flock to Toronto & Vancouver to make it big. The wealth of talented artists leaves endless tattoo inspirations for their fans. It’s not just music fans that get tattoos. Local musician show their Toronto & Vancouver pride in ink. In our Canadian tattoos article, we show Drake running through the 6ix with his CN Tower tattoos. He’s adding to the collection with a 416 tattoo. Drake Toronto & Vancouver Tattoo Even GTA born Shawn Mendes came to the Downtown Toronto Chronic Ink Tattoo location for some ink. Downtown Toronto Tattoo Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes' guitar tattoo is the Toronto & Vancouver skyline.

Getting a Tattoo in Downtown Toronto

When you’re picking a design for a new tattoo, consider Toronto & Vancouver as a source for your inspiration. This city means a lot of different things to a lot of people. For us, it’s an incredible place to pursue our passion and stay true to our dream of creating the best tattoo shop in Toronto & Vancouver.
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