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Your Guide to Conch Piercings

Your Guide to Conch Piercings

Does the conch piercing hurt? Conch piercing is not exactly the same as a regular ear piercing. In fact, the conch is the smaller, thicker portion of the upper ear. The many different styles of earrings and body jewelry available for a conch piercing makes it an ideal spot for a secondary piercing. A dermal punch with a larger gauge is often used to ensure adequate spacing and less painful penetration into the cartilage, and this tool will probably be used by your artist when you go to get the procedure done. Pain wise, the thicker ear cartilage of this area will make it more painful than a general ear piercing, but everyone’s level of tolerance is different. Regardless, the pain shouldn’t last for more than the initial second of the needle going through, and after that have some soreness for a few days or weeks. Conch piercing

Is conch piercing safe?

Even though you may have to deal with higher than normal levels of pain when getting your conch area pierced, it isn’t exactly unsafe. As with any piercing, there are risks of infection is the equipment used isn’t properly sterilized, and you can have a bad time if you don’t clean it properly after the procedure. Despite this, you shouldn’t be thinking entirely in the negative. Knowing the risks is one thing, and being afraid is another. As long as you take precautions in selecting a professional store with a clean environment and equipment, you won’t need to worry about a thing when you go in.

Does conch piercing affect hearing?

While the outer conch piercing itself won’t affect your hearing in a negative way, any infection that can occur might. Due to the location of the cartilage piercing, infections can cause fluid buildup in the ear if not allowed to drain properly. Ideally, you won’t even need to worry about any sort of infection, since you’ve been taking care of your piercing as instructed by your artist. If you do have issues with your hearing after this type of piercing, it is probably entirely unrelated to it unless you have an infection. No matter what, if you have problems or questions with how your piercing aftercare, talk to your piercer and artist about how you’re feeling.

How long does it take a conch piercing to heal?

Conch piercing healing should take a few weeks for your ear to feel less sore and painful, but the piercing area itself probably won’t be fully healed for at least six months. You can expect a maximum of a year of full healing for the cartilage itself, with frequent cleaning and aftercare. As time goes on, you won’t need to wash the area as frequently or worry about infection as much, since the cartilage will begin to heal over and have less space for bacteria to form. In the end, no matter what, the aftercare portion and taking care of your new body art is going to be the biggest factor in whether or not you get an infection.

Can you wear earbuds with a conch piercing?

Headphones and earbuds can still be used with a conch piercing, but the type of piercing jewelry you use will have an effect on whether or not the device sits properly. Keep in mind that bigger statement pieces might have an effect on how well you hear things, so plan ahead if you’re going to be wearing earbuds or headphones all day.

Can I get a hoop when I pierce my conch?

There are a ton of different options for jewelry types when you’re looking to get a conch piercing. Designers like Maria Tash offer unique and personal pieces that show of the best contemporary aesthetic style. Cultural styles can be a boon for those looking for something unique and different, so research to see if there is anything that catches your fancy across the world. With so many types of aesthetic jewelry to choose from, you’ll be able to represent yourself in the best way possible no matter what you end up choosing. Regardless of the type of style you want to present, there is always something new and exciting to check out. Follow artists and designers on social media to see their newest pieces, or just as inspiration for something you want to get done eventually. Multiple Conch Piercings - Newmarket

What should I use to clean my conch piercing?

You’ll want to make sure that the healing process is going smoothly by cleaning and washing your helix piercing several times a day in the first few weeks. This is the single most important step that you have to do on your own after getting any sort of body work done. Use antibacterial soap and a soft towel to prevent any hard abrasion scratching and irritation to your skin, and preferably unscented as well to lessen the chances of any itchiness. Taking care of the piercing before its fully healed is your best bet in preventing any scarring or infection, as well as keeping things clean and free from debris. Buildup can cause uncomfortable irritation as well as infection, so you should always take care to ensure that the area is clean and bacteria free.

How do you treat an infected conch piercing?

Tattoo and piercing work can both cause infections if not taken care of or implemented properly. The type of ear piercing you get can also be a factor in how easily it gets infected. Conch piercings do tend to have a higher incident rate of infections, which makes aftercare all the more important. You can use a piercing saline spray to treat infected areas. As well as this, ensuring that there is adequate blood flow to the area will help speed up the healing process exponentially, creating an environment where the body is able to aerate and get rid of any potential infection.

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