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First Ear Piercing: When Is Your Child Ready For Their First Piercing?

First Ear Piercing: When Is Your Child Ready For Their First Piercing?

Your Child's First Piercing

For some, the first piercing is a rite of passage. Your first piercing is much more than a cool accessory or a statement of style, culture, or fashion. It is something that allows for individuality and personal responsibility, both things that kids and preteens desire, but rarely get. Allowing your child to get their first piercing can be a big decision for some parents, and can raise a lot of questions. At what age are they ready? Is it safe? What type of piercing is best? How do you prepare your child for piercing care? Giving your child this opportunity at independence and personal responsibility can be great for their self-confidence and personal development. But it is important to make sure they are ready for it.

At What Age Is My Child Ready For Their First Piercing?

Deciding when your child is ready for their first piercing really comes down to each individual parent and child. You need to be able to be confident that your child is responsible enough to follow proper piercing aftercare procedures to prevent infection. Some parents will get their kids’ ears pierced when they are toddlers or even babies. In this case, the parent is able to be in control of piercing aftercare, so there is less worry of infection. We generally prefer to perform piercings in Toronto & Vancouver on kids aged 9 and older. At this age, we find most are responsible enough for their first piercing. However, they still need permission from their parents until they turn 16.

Are Piercings Safe For Kids & Preteens?

Ear piercing safety is a common concern for kids and preteens. The good news is ear piercing can be completely safe. As mentioned above, even babies can get their ears pierced without adverse effects. To ensure your child’s safety when getting their first piercing, where you go to get pierced is important. You should go to fully trained piercers with stringent cleanliness measures, and the best equipment. This will help to ensure a sterile environment and expert piercing. Medical complications for piercings are rare, provided aftercare instructions are followed. However, there are two health concerns that should be considered before getting pierced. If your child has acutely sensitive skin they may want to consult a doctor before getting their first piercing. If your child has a severe heart condition they will also want to consult a doctor first, though fortunately, this is rare among children. Another element to consider for children and preteens is what kind of piercing to get. There is a huge variety of piercings that can be performed and there is a lot of variation in their complexity and healing times. The piercing that is generally considered the safest is the earlobe.

What Is The Best Type Of Piercing For Children & Preteens?

While the best type of piercing is really up to individual preference, we generally recommend ear lobe piercings for kids and preteens. Earlobe piercings are considered to be the safest, they are the quickest to heal, and the easiest to care for. For kids and adults alike, earlobe piercings are a great option for your first piercing. With over 80% of North Americans having had their earlobe pierced at some point in their lives, earlobe piercings are the most common piercings. With such popularity comes a large variety of jewelry as well. The healing process is generally 3 to 4 months and the initial jewelry can usually be removed after 4 to 6 weeks.

How Do I Prepare My Child For Piercing Aftercare?

If you are considering letting your child or preteen get their first piercing, make sure they are ready for the responsibility. One common method for allowing your child to prove they are ready is by having them run a practice phase. A typical practice phase starts with having your child wear clip-on or magnetic earrings. While they are wearing them, have them perform the piercing aftercare routine daily. You can have them maintain this routine for the same length as their aftercare would take, or for as long as it takes for you to be confident in their responsibility. Once you have decided your child or preteen is ready for their first piercing it is time to learn how to prepare for a piercing. The location you go to should be researched to ensure they have expert, experienced piercers. It is also important to make sure your child is feeling healthy, has gotten enough sleep and is adequately hydrated before their piercing. Once your child has gotten their ear pierced, have the piercer go over proper aftercare with you and your child. They may have suggestions and advice that is specific to your child and their piercing, so it is best to get this information directly from your piercer. Afterward, pick up any supplies your piercer has recommended for the aftercare routine. Although your child may not appreciate the nagging, “geez mom,” it is worthwhile to check and make sure they are staying on top of their aftercare routine.

Find Safe, Professional Piercing For Kids & Preteens In Toronto & Vancouver

Make sure your child’s first piercing experience is a positive by getting their piercing done by experts. At Chronic Ink, we have been rated one of the best piercing studios in Toronto & Vancouver by BlogTO. Whether you are looking for your first piercing or one more to the collection, contact us today to set up an appointment.
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