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Everything You Need to Know About Genital Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Genital Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide

The History of Genital Piercing

For many people around the world, male and female genital piercings are seen as a rite of passage as well as a unique tolerance to intimate pain. Body modification has always been about either this or an expression of individualism, and today is no different. Popular personalities like Elayne Angel have helped to bring genital piercings to the forefront of the body art culture. Having the opportunity to have something that almost no one else does can be very attractive to some people. If you’re looking into getting a particular type of genital piercing, do your research as to the many different types of jewelry and the piercings themselves. As well as this, do your due diligence in finding the proper piercer to do the work, preferably someone who has specific experience in this type of piercing.

Modern Views About Genital Piercing

Most modern genital piercings involve the various erogenous zones of the body for men and women. Male genital piercings are done on the tip of the penis, while female genital piercings utilize the area around the horizontal clitoral hood or clitoral glans. Contemporary piercings are done with a sense of unique personalization of the body as well as a desire to remove oneself from traditional conformity in the body art world. There really isn’t anything more sensational than having a genital piercing, whether you are a man or woman. Some individuals can also speak to the increase in sexual pleasure and sexual stimulation with certain types of piercings, as there is a higher rate of blood flow to the area during arousal. While not everyone can attest to this, there is definitely some testimonial about it for those in the know.

How common are genital piercings?

Genital piercings have never been terribly common in the western world, but there is a relative number of anywhere from 2-5% of men and women aged 15-50 that have some form of one. Needless to say, regardless of the type of piercing you choose or your gender, it is very rare that you’ll find someone with a similar situation. Common male genital piercings:
Prince Albert piercing
The most commonly known male piercing, Prince Alberts are a relatively historically unknown piercing type that became popular in the 1970s. It involves piercing the tip of the glans. Despite its famous name, it is not known whether or not the historical character had this type of piercing, or how it became attached.
Guiche piercing
This piercing involves jewelry that pierces the perineum, and is typically perpendicular to the direction of the penis. Multiple pieces of jewelry can be used in order to create a sort of “ladder” effect around the underside of the male anatomy.
Common female genital piercings:
Labia piercing
The labia offer a unique place for jewelry placement, and labial piercings utilize this space for a number of different design applications. Larger or smaller pieces of jewelry can be used in order to represent different styles and designs.
Triangle piercing
These piercings involve a number of spots in or around the clitoral hood tissue. The jewelry presents itself as a sort of “triangle” shape around the upper vaginal area.
Christina piercing
The Christina is done on the outer labia where it meets the pubic mound. Due to the thicker tissue here, this area is less painful to pierce but can irritate easily due to its location. This is a newly popular piercing because it is easy and relatively pain-free to get.
HCH piercings
Also known as “horizontal clitoral hood” piercings, the hch offers a unique way to present jewelry for the wearer. This is one of the most popular female genital piercings and has recently come back in vogue due to its unique presentation.

Are genital Piercings painful?

One could imagine genital piercings being incredibly painful, but this also depends on what specific area you’re piercing. The frenum piercing is not as painful even though it’s at the tip of the penis, as it pierces the flexible skin on the underside, which is much less painful. As with any piercing, your pain tolerance and body will determine just how painful it is initially. If you are piercing a fattier, more muscle tissue based area of the genitals, there will be much less pain than if you are doing it somewhere that is closer to the erogenous zones of the genitals. If you are worried about the pain level, you can research online for people who have had the same piercing you’re looking at getting in order to get an idea of what to expect. Clitoral Hood Piercing

Taking Care of Your Genital Piercing

Genital piercings heal at a slower rate than most, so give them time after the work is done to have them looking and feeling their best. Naturally, our genitals can be very sensitive to trauma, but if you are taking care of your piercing after it’s been done you won’t have any complications. Washing and cleaning your new piercing is going to be your best bet at preventing infection and requires you to monitor the area daily. Just use mild soap and warm water in order to keep things disinfected and looking their best. If you have a piercing that you can take your jewelry out of, be sure to do so every time you clean it so that you are able to effectively remove any traces of bacteria that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.

Signs of Infection and Complications

As with tattoos and other types of body piercings, infection is always a risk that we take when getting body art involving jewelry. Sometimes we can also be allergic to the types of materials used for the jewelry, which can cause a worse reaction than even an infection can. If you know you are allergic to certain types of metals or materials, inform your artist to use something different to ensure that you have the best chance of a healthy piercing. When it comes to infection, signs and symptoms are typical of most types of bacterial invasion, which means redness, swelling, and extreme pain. All of these things can be indicative of an infection, so talk with your piercer as well as your personal doctor if you experience them early on after your piercing.

Do genital piercings increase pleasure?

The genital area is obviously incredibly sensitive and full of nerve endings, which means that any piercings that are done there will have some sort of effect on the sensation felt during intercourse one way or the other. There are various studies that claim to show that women derive the most enhanced sexual pleasure from genital piercings, whether they or their partner has one. This is due to the unique structure of the female sexual organs, which can be more sensitive to touch both on the inside and outside. A frenum piercing combined with the female partner’s clitoral hood piercing can create a pleasurable sensation not to be found by other means. For individuals with active sexual lifestyles, genital piercings can be an excellent way to experience something new and unique. Prince Albert Piercing

Where to get genital piercings near me?

Finding the right artist and shop to do your genital piercing should be one of your biggest considerations when it comes to getting your body art done. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to research and look for the best of the best, all from the comfort of your own home. Because genital piercings are unique erotic and adult-only, finding the portfolio of someone who has done them professionally before can be difficult on social media. In spite of this, you should still be able to find an artist near you and take a look at their work. If you can, speak with them about the type of work you want to be done and schedule a consultation to talk about the potential risks as well as aftercare.

Educating People About Your Genital Piercing

Some people might be put off by the fact that you have a genital piercing, and be very vocal about it when you bring it up. Like with any other form of body art, genital piercings can be easy to judge and mock, but there are a few ways that you can educate others and protect yourself from the naysayers. Since body art is a personal expression of your own individualism, it offers something unique to you and you only. Maybe you are a sexual person or simply someone who wants to show that they can handle getting and maintaining a genital piercing. No matter what your personal reason, no one should feel like they need a specific excuse to explain to someone. We get what we get because we desire it, and that should be the primary motivator. As trends and tastes change in the body art world, genital piercings will always remain relatively taboo. In spite of this, there really is nothing more unique that you can get and show off to your intimate partners.


Genital piercings offer a unique way to express oneself and explore new avenues of pleasure. Whether you're considering a male or female genital piercing, it's essential to choose a reputable and experienced piercing studio like Chronic Ink Tattoo. Our commitment to safety and professionalism ensures a comfortable and positive experience throughout the piercing process.

Ready to Explore Genital Piercings?

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