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Toronto Walk In Tattoos

Getting A Walk-In Tattoo In Toronto & Vancouver

Many of our clients are surprised to discover that we offer walk-ins for tattoos. Some of our top artists having wait lists up to three years long. However, these waits are for larger more time-consuming tattoos. Many of our artists take on walk-ink tattoos when they have gaps in their schedule. Generally, a walk in tattoo will be one that can be done in a single session and can be taken on by an artist who is not busy at the moment. Toronto & Vancouver Walk In Tattoo

Impulse Tattoos

Outside of tattoo culture, walk-in tattoos often have the reputation of being impulse tattoos. But in reality, there are lots of good reasons for people to come walk in for. Sometimes people who have already had work done by an artist will want to come get another tattoo from them. In these cases, they usually loved the previous work, enjoyed the experience, and had a good rapport with the artist. An impulse tattoo from an artist you respect is fun and comes with the assurance of quality. Not everyone who visits a walk in tattoo shop in Toronto & Vancouver is there impulsively. It is common for visitors to know they have wanted a tattoo for years and just don’t want to put it off any longer. They may have already studied the portfolios of specific artists and know exactly what they want to get. If you want a tattoo that can be done in a single session - like a tiny tattoo - a walk-in is one of the best ways to get it. One of the main criticisms of impulse tattoos is, for many, actually a great reason to get one. An impulse tattoo captures the young, restless, and rebellious spirit. As we get older the fondest memories of youth are rarely the ones where we followed all the social rules and conventions.

Walk-in Tattoo Consultations

All of our tattoo consultations are walk-ins. We believe it is important to have a face to face so your expectations can be clearly communicated. There is no pressure to get inked when you come in for a tattoo consultation. This session is built around deciding on the design and tattoo that is best for you. Tattoo Consultations Walk In

Things to Remember for Walk-in Tattoos

When getting a walk-in tattoo there are a few things to keep in mind for the best etiquette and a better experience.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you come for a walk-in tattoo. You want to make sure you and the artist are on the same page as to what you want. Creating a tattoo that has the expression and meaning you desire is as important to the artist as it is to you. If you aren’t happy with a design, let the artist know. They won’t be offended, and it is better to express this now than after it has been permanently inked on you. Give them helpful feedback and they will help you decide on a design that you will love. If there is a part of the process you don’t understand, ask. Steps like tattoo aftercare are important to both your health and the look of your ink. Ask for any clarification required.

Avoid price-shopping

Your tattoo is something that you will have with you every day. So it’s worth spending a little more for. That doesn’t necessarily mean go find the most expensive place. We suggest that instead of shopping by price, shop by the artist. Browse through a shop’s tattoo portfolio and take a look at their work. You want to find a style that fits you. Picking a design from a flash sheet can save you some cash while ensuring you get a design you love.

Consider flash designs

As much as we all like the idea of a custom tattoo, it’s more important that you have a tattoo you like than one that is personalized. A flash design is a design the artist has already created. These tattoos are a little cheaper because there is no drawing fee. They are also a little faster as the artist is already familiar with the design. If you get a flash design, don’t go overboard with customization. If it needs to be significantly redesigned, it may not be the design for you.

Walk-In Tattoo Restrictions

Generally, there are only four reasons why a walk-in tattoo will be refused:
  1. Studio is booked
  2. Face tattoos
  3. Hate tattoo
  4. Substance abuse

The studio is booked

Sometimes all of our artists are busy. If no one is available, walk ins cannot be offered. The amount of time your piece is going to take may factor into this. A tattoo that can be done in an afternoon is easier to fit into the schedule than one that will take all day.

Face tattoos

For walk-ins, we simply do not offer face tattoos.

Hate tattoos

Whether by appointment or walk-in, hate tattoos are an absolute no. Hate and intolerance are not a part of the Chronic Ink Tattoo culture. Personal, or general, hate tattoos will be refused.

Substance abuse

Any good artist will refuse to give a tattoo if you come into the studio under the influence of alcohol or other substances. First off, the artist does not want to be responsible for choices made while your judgment was impaired. Secondly, substance abuse can lead to infection. Drugs and alcohol can also cause a tattoo to be more painful.

Walk-in Piercings

At Chronic Ink we do walk-ins for both tattoos and piercings. You can get just about any type of piercing, any day that our piercers are in the studio.

Piercing studio times

  • Toronto & Vancouver
  • Wed: 12am - 8pm
  • Thurs: 12am - 8pm
  • Sun: 12am - 8pm
  • Markham
  • Thurs: 12am - 8pm
  • Sun: 12am - 8pm
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