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Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry Potter Tattoos

Are you a Super Fan of Harry Potter?

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, then it’s safe to say that you believe in Magic! Life is full of magical things, and Harry Potter does an amazing job at bringing to life an inspiring fantasy world that awakens the child in all of us. There are a multitude of different symbols in the Harry Potter franchise that have been transformed by talented artists into tattoos. These works of art often have relatable and deep symbolism that represent how you identify with life, magic, values, and of course Hogwarts. No matter if you’re a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, just as long as you’re not a muggle, these tattoos are for you. And if you happen to be in the Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Kitsilano Vancouver area, stop by one of our conveniently located tattoo parlours and explore getting your very own Harry Potter-inspired tattoo from one of our talented artists. Slytherin Tattoo

Popular Harry Potter Tattoo Options


The Holly Schwartz Stars are the three stars that appear on the top of each page of the Harry Potter books. These stars represent comfort, and are a reminder that it is always possible to find comfort in pain as pain is a struggle that leads to a lesson that eventually helps you grow as a person.


The Patronus is one of the most popular and substantial symbols in the Harry Potter series. It is a spell that is cast as a shield of protection that guards you against demons. It symbolizes happiness and the desire to survive, and has a literal meaning of the term “always.”


This map is only activated by a certain phrase, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” This map is a one of a kind guide that shows every possible part of Hogwarts, including the seven secret passages inside of the castle. It represents the fact that anything is possible, even if at first it seems impossible to be seen as possible.


The Quidditch Broom is the broom that is used in the famous game of Quidditch where the object of the game is to fly around, catch the golden snitch, and successfully put it through the hole. This broom can represent the ability to experience travel and broaden your soul's horizons to capture a deeper meaning of life. It can also symbolize that life is like a game, and giving up is not an option. Harry Potter Tattoo


This is a magical cloak that was said to be worn by death himself, and has the ability to make whoever is wearing it invisible. The tattoo can be said to symbolize the ability to stay out of harm's way while helping those in need.


The elder wand is the most powerful type of wand and is only capable of being handled by a wizard or a witch that is able to accept death. It has special symbols carved into its wood that represents what this wand has been through. It is also known as the Deathstick as well as the Wand of Destiny. Having said that, this tattoo can symbolize controlling your destiny.


The Golden Snitch is the smallest ball in the game of Quidditch and is worth the most amount of points. This snitch is super sneaky, very hard to see, extremely fast, and must be caught before the other team catches it. It represents agility, speed, and the ability to escape being caught.


Harry Potter’s lightning bolt scar symbol represents being touched by an evil curse. Harry Potter was the only person who has ever survived the curse, despite that it caused him to have a piece of evil embedded in his soul. This lightning bolt tattoo can represent overcoming the evil that was once a part of you and conquering the good parts of yourself while defeating the bad.


Because of the Avada Kedavra curse that was put on him as a baby, Harry Potter’s eyesight was heavily damaged. His big, round glasses are a huge representation of Harry Potter himself, and are also what gave him the name “the boy who lived.” The tattoo of Harry Potter’s glasses can represent just that; the will to continue living. Furthermore, unlike superheroes such as Superman and Spiderman, Harry Potter never takes off his glasses despite all of his powers. This can symbolize accepting imperfection as well as conquering your fears without needing to rid yourself of a weakness.


This simple triangle shape has a circle in the middle and a line that goes through both shapes. This tattoo represents the three objects that are created by death; the straight line represents the elder wand, the circle represents the resurrection stone, and the triangle represents cloak of invisibility. Whoever possesses all three things is known as the Master of Death. Gryffindor Tattoo


The 9 ¾ platform is the train platform that allows you to enter Hogwarts Express, and is also the only way to enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. The tattoo symbolizes transportation and the connection between life and spirituality.


This stone is the stone that can transform any metal into gold and is also the stone that creates the Elixir of Life. The Elixir of Life is a magical potion that creates immortality and an never-ending life. The tattoo is 4 simple shapes that fall into each other; a circle, a triangle, a square, and finally a smaller circle. It symbolizes that our spirit is immortal, even if our bodies aren’t.


The shield charm is a magical spell that protects people from harm. This tattoo is known to be gotten in the form of the word “Protego,” which is the shield charms technical name. Many people have been drawn to this spell and utilizes it to protect themselves from mental illness, such as anxiety and depression, and gives them the strength to overcome it. Hufflepuff Tattoo

Welcome to Hogwarts Class!

Harry Potter isn’t just a popular book series. This fantasy world has created a whole new mindset that people can use in their own personal lives in the form of Harry Potter’s magical symbols. These special symbols remind people that magic really is possible, and the strength to fight evil is within you.

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