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How to Properly Shower After Microblading: Expert Tips from Chronic Ink Tattoo

How to Properly Shower After Microblading: Expert Tips from Chronic Ink Tattoo

Cosmetic Tattoos for the Brow Area

A microblading treatment is a relatively new form of cosmetic tattooing that allows people to spice up their brow area with new and exciting designs. New technology makes microblading easier and quicker than ever to benefit from, and it’s easy to get started down the path of booking your first appointment. Your brow hairs can be transformed through the use of the needle-like equipment that microblading utilizes. Because it only goes through the upper layers of skin, you can expect the ink to last for about a year, maybe less depending on your skin type. There are a number of factors that can contribute to premature pigment fading, but generally anticipate anywhere from eight to twelve months of enjoyment before having to go back in again. The investment in getting a microblading treatment is both exciting and beneficial, since you won’t need to worry about getting your brows done or waxed every few weeks. Instead, you can wait almost an ensure year before having to get anything else done, making it easier to enjoy your brows for the long term.

Why Semi Permanent Tattooing is on the Rise

Instead of getting a regular, permanent eyebrow tattoo, microblading lets you have as many different styles as you can imagine over the lifetime of your treatment. Because the pigment doesn’t last as long as a traditional tattoo, you can switch things up if you decide you don’t like something. As well as this, you won’t be stuck with something that can potentially require painful and expensive laser surgery to get rid of. Instead, just wait a bit longer for the pigment to fade and try something new. People who have thinning or lighter brow hair will benefit immensely from microblading treatment, as the hair strokes where pigment is deposited look the most natural, and can be darker than your natural hair. You may even want to shave your natural hairs completely before going in for a procedure in order to get the best bang for your buck, and see what kind of brow design looks the best for you.

Skin Type and Pigment Fading

Your brow artist will tell you that it will depend on your skin as to whether or not the pigment fades prematurely. This can occur only a couple months after your first treatment, and be serious enough that it requires you to go in earlier than you may have expected. If you have oily skin, this early fading will be more prominent, as the pigment can sort of “smear” due to the oil on your skin. It is a good idea to wash your face and clean it with a sensitive soap right before your appointment in order to ensure that the pigment adheres properly. Drier skin tends to be the best type of skin for microblading, but not all of us have that luxury no matter how hard we clean up and try. In spite of this, you can still get a great treatment done as long as you follow these few simple rules and keep an eye on your brow area as it heals and starts to fade.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Your artist will have already discussed the type of brow design you are looking for before your appointment. Once you come in, your brow area might be swabbed with a numbing cream in order to make things more comfortable for you. As well as this, they may also trim or shave certain parts of the brow as needed for the type of look you want if you haven’t already. You shouldn’t expect to feel a lot of pain during the microblading process, much less so if you’re already using your natural hairs versus starting from scratch. It might feel as though you are getting light scratches around your brow area for awhile. It shouldn’t take more than an hour on average for your first appointment, but give or take a few minutes either way depending on how much work you’re getting done. As you come back in the coming months for touch ups, these times will be even less.

Taking Care After the Fact

You might be wondering how quickly you can shower after your microblading appointment, and whether or not that’s a good idea. Your artist will probably tell you to keep the area dry for the first few days in order to let it properly heal, but this isn’t always feasible, and we want to keep clean anyways.

Here are some ways you can keep the area clean without fully showering:

Use a cotton swab wetted down with clean water or a small amount of sterilized lotion in order to lightly dab the area. This ensures that infection can’t take hold and also keeps it looking cleaner while you go through the healing process. Don’t use exfoliants or scrubs for the first two weeks or so, and keep the area free from excess water or wetness. Don’t be afraid if the pigment looks lighter after just a few weeks, as the ink will always lighten up as it heals before finally adhering for the long term.

Things to Watch Out For

Premature fading is the least of your worries when it comes to the healing process. Signs of infection are pretty easy to spot, but it’s important that you’re looking for them for the first few weeks after your treatment in order to keep things from progressing. Severe pain and itchiness that doesn’t go away after a few days or gets worse Skin flaking that seems like more than usual. Redness or pus around your scabbed up areas. Your microblading artist will remind you not to pick at the scabs that form around your brow area, as the healing process requires them to be exposed to the air and heal naturally. By picking at and removing these scabs, you can cause permanent scars to form that will make it impossible to get more treatments done.

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