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How Microblading is done

How Microblading is done

The Art of the Cosmetic Tattoo

Semi permanent tattooing for cosmetic value is starting to become quite the trend, in and out of the fashion industry. Many people are finding that it doesn’t take much time and investment to get into microblading, but there is plenty of research needed in order to make sure that it’s exactly what you want to do. Depending on your brow area, your natural hairs can complement the procedure and make the tattooing portion look exceptionally natural. Your microblading artist uses a needle pen to deposit pigment under the superficial layers of your skin, so that the ink is semi permanent, unlike a traditional tattoo that lasts the rest of your life. A numbing cream may be applied in order to cut down on the irritation and pain during the process. This pigment tends to last anywhere from eight months to a year depending on how well you take care of it, as well as a few other factors that can cause the pigment to fade prematurely. If you’re thinking about getting a microblading procedure done, there are a few things you should research and keep in mind while shopping around for the best investment in this unique cosmetic procedure.

Skin Type and Microblading

Most professional brow artists will tell you that oily skin is one of the most annoying things that can get in the way of long term pigment shading. It will depend on your skin as to whether or not the pigment stays for the full eight months to a year after the procedure, but aftercare tends to be more important in determining this. Wash oily skin with a simple water and soap based solution, and don’t scrub vigorously. Don’t use scented exfoliants that can scrape the skin and cause the pigment to fade faster. Keep an eye on your brow area for the first two weeks to ensure that there aren’t any signs of infection or irritation. If you do happen to have exceptionally oily or dry skin, the important thing to remember is to always ensure that your brow area is clean for those first few weeks to lessen the chance of infection and other complications that will compromise the pigment.

Equipment Used

If you aren’t looking to go to a business to get your brow area done, there are a few ways you can mimic the microblading process at home with cheaper products. This is also a good way to experiment with different brow looks that you might want to try during your first procedure, so it can be beneficial to try out a few things before booking an appointment. Traditional brow pens use ink to essentially paint the surface of your skin with a water resistant or waterproof pigment that can easily and quickly shape your brows. These can be used if you typically shave or to fluff up your natural hair. Practicing your hair strokes will be similar to what you can expect when you go to get your microblading done, but you can measure the look yourself when you use your own pen.

Choosing a Microblading Artist

Online reviews and social media have made it easy for everyone to find the best microblading artist for them. Local shops will probably have a business website where you can find out how they do the procedure as well as what to expect when you come in. Nothing beats an in person visit, so be sure to stop in when you have time in order to speak to and observe the artists and employees. If you need to, write down a list of questions to ask them about, or topics that potentially concern you about microblading. Every good business will be excited to speak with you about the potential of microblading process, and make you feel both comfortable and welcome.

Your Appointment

Once you find the perfect shop and microblading artist, you’ll book your first appointment. This may be a consultation where you speak with your artist about your long term goals for how you want your brows to look. As well as this, you can discuss pricing options for the length of time and design style of your choice; whether or not you have shaved brows or are using your grown out natural hairs. Your artist uses a microblading tool that deposits pigment in your superficial skin layers. Because of this, the ink doesn’t last as long as a traditional tattoo, but you shouldn’t worry about that if you’re taking good care of your brow after the fact. You shouldn’t anticipate experiencing a ton of pain during this procedure, and your artist may even use numbing cream to prevent that entirely.

What to Expect After Your Treatment

Taking care of your brows once the appointment is over is key to the long term success of your semi permanent tattoo. Here are a few key steps to practice: Use a gentle, non exfoliating soap to prevent scraping off too much of that superficial skin layer when you wash your face. Don’t pick or remove scabs, as these can cause you to create unsightly scars. Don’t shower for at least a few hours after the initial procedure to prevent irritation.

Signs of infection include:

Swelling and red streaking emanating from your brow area Severe pain that doesn’t seem to go away after a few days Excess scabs that are bleeding or exceptionally painful If you’re exhibiting any of these signs, inform your artist and your personal doctor about starting a regimen of antibiotics to prevent the spread of infection.

The Follow Up

Once you’ve had your new brows for a few months, you can talk with your artist about a follow up appointment to either create a new style for you or simply touch up your current pigment. This is up to you, and luckily the versatility of the cosmetic tattoo industry means that there are new techniques that make the process quicker and easier than ever before.

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