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How To Choose A Nose Ring

Picking Your Nose Jewellery

Nose piercings come in a number of different styles and jewellery types. With over 4,000 years of nose piercings, there is no shortage of jewellery options. Hoops, studs, bones, screws, and thousands of variations on each. Picking your nose jewellery can seem an overwhelming task.

What is the Best Nose Piercing Jewellery?

There is no single best overall nose piercing jewellery. The best way to choose nose piercing jewellery is to find the one that best suits you and your piercing. There are a lot of factors to consider to choose the best nose ring for you including:
  • Piercing type
  • Newness of piercing
  • Size of current jewellery
  • Material
  • Style preferences
Picking the right jewellery for your piercing depends on the individual, but there are a lot of points to learn about. We examine the different factors to consider so you can make the choice that fits you.

The Type of Nose Piercing

The first thing to consider is what type of nose piercing you have. The jewellery options vary from one piercing type to another. septum piercing

Septum Piercing

Septum piercings are found on the nasal septum. The nasal septum is the cartilage dividing the nostrils. Some great options for septum piercings include nose rings, septum clickers, barbells, and retainers. Some of the most common choices for nose rings are captive bead rings, fixed bead rings, and septum clickers are a type of nose ring. The big difference between clickers and other rings is how they are fastened. Septum clickers are fastened with a hinge that is connected to the jewellery. The hinge clicks shut, hence the clicker name. Since the hinge is attached there is no fastener piece that can be lost. They are available in all sorts of styles, from solid metal to jewelled or unique shapes.
Septum Clickers Toronto & Vancouver Islay Septum Clicker
Circular Barbells and septum retainers are more of a horseshoe shape. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they are easy to hide. This is done by simply flipping them up into the nostril. Circular barbells are immediately identifiable from retainers by the ball shape found at each end. Curved barbells have a less pronounced bend than circular barbells and straight barbells have no bend at all.

Nostril Piercings

Nostril piercings are found in the cartilage on the outside of the left or right nostril. Their more common jewellery types are studs and screws.
Solid Gold Studs 14k 14k Solid Gold Bee Ends
14k Gold Stud 14k Gold Onyx Bezel
These jewellery types have some similarities in that they are jewellery mounted on posts with the backing hidden inside the nose. The many variations and options of gold studs make them a popular and applicable for all sorts of looks. Screws have a screw end backing which is less likely to be lost.

Newness of Piercing

The recency of your piercing and the sensitivity of your skin are important factors when selecting nose piercing jewellery. The skin around a new piercing will be more sensitive than usual. One of the important health concerns of getting a piercing is skin sensitivity. If you have a new piercing or sensitive skin it is possible to damage the skin. A nose bone, for instance, has a reputation for being able to cause damage when being inserted or removed, so it may not be the best option for a fresh piercing. The first piece of jewellery has to stay in until the piercing is healed. So you don’t want to start with a piece in that may irritate or damage the skin. Top Toronto & Vancouver nose piercing artists may recommend labret post as a good option for a new piercing. Labret posts with push-fit threadless jewellery for studs as it is secure and more comfortable.

Nose Ring Materials

Nose piercing jewellery is found in all types of materials. But, there are two materials that are better than the others. These are solid gold (14k or 18k), and titanium ASTM-F-136. The reason these two materials are recommended is that they are the safest options. Both solid gold and titanium ASTM-F-136 are pure metals. This means they do not contain any nickel or other impurities that can cause infection, tearing, or allergic reactions. Stainless steel, for instance, is a common choice because it is cheap. But it also tends to contain nickel, resulting in allergic reactions.
Fixed Bead Ring 14k Solid Gold Fixed Bead Ring
Captive Bead Ring Titanium Captive Bead Ring
Titanium ASTM-F-136 is implant grade titanium. It is used as the safest option for surgical implants, as well as high-quality body jewellery. Choosing between gold and titanium is a personal choice. Some people prefer the look of 14 k or 18k solid gold. Others, however, prefer the look, safety, and durability of titanium.

Nose Piercing Style Preferences

Personal preferences play a big role in picking the style of nose piercing. Sure a labret stud or a nose ring are good options for a new piercing. But once the piercing is healed, there is less need to limit yourself. The type of ornamentation can vary as well. Some people prefer nose piercing jewellery that is a simple design. Such as a stud or nose ring made of solid gold or titanium. Unique piercings can be chosen with studs crafted into specific shapes. Gems and diamonds are also common ornamentations for nose piercing jewellery.

Where to Get Nose Piercings & Jewellery

When you are preparing for a nose piercing you need to find a location that is safe, sterile, and professional. There is only one nose piercing studio in Toronto & Vancouver with APP members. The APP is a difficult membership to obtain and represents a dedication to safe piercing practices. Best piercing practices involve not only the piercing and the jewellery, but the piercing aftercare as well. Piercing aftercare will help prevent skin damage or infection. For nasal septum piercings, a six to eight week healing period can be expected. For nasal bridge piercings it can be eight to ten weeks.
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