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Ink Goes Chronic | Cannabis Tattoos

Last Wednesday, Canada federally legalized cannabis. In Toronto & Vancouver, people had (very mellow) celebrations across the city. Regardless of whether you’re pro or anti-legalization, it’s undeniably a big deal as Canada is the first G7 nation to do so. At Chronic Ink, we decided to show our tribute to this event by taking a look at some of our favourite cannabis and cannabis-inspired tattoos throughout the years.

Cannabis Icon Realism Tattoos

With the talent of some of Toronto & Vancouver’s best artists, we’ve made some impressive blackwork and colour realism tattoos over the years. In the mix are some of the biggest cultural icons in the world of marijuana. Tattoo Retouch This portrait of the iconic Rastafarian, Bob Marley, was retouched at our downtown tattoo shop. Bob Marley has been adopted symbolically around the globe as an icon for marijuana, peace, hope, and love. If we’re looking at celebrities that have been adopted by cannabis culture we can’t forget the muse for one of our most famous tattoos: Photo Realism Tattoo This realism tattoo featuring the mean-mugging Olympian, Michael Phelps, made headlines around the world. While The Baltimore Bullet may have lost a sponsor or two over the photo of him using a bong, his support grew in the pro-cannabis community. With 23 gold medals to his name, he definitely helps to disprove the lazy stoner stereotype.

Lettering Tattoos

Over the past few decades, Toronto & Vancouver has been home to many legalization advocates. If you’ve been in this city for a while it’s likely you’ve seen a few lettering tattoos like this: Cannabis Tattoo While cannabis advocates may be thrilled to have finally seen legalization, it does mean it may be time for an update. The best options now are too triumphantly change “Legalize It” to “Legalized It” or to consider a cover-up. Chronic Ink is home to some of the best cover-up tattoo artists in Downtown Toronto.

Hippie Tattoos

Hippie culture has long been co-opted in the culture of marijuana advocates. Admittedly, bell bottom jeans and fringe vests have fallen out of style. However, the iconography of peace, love and flower power are commonly found in cannabis tattoos. Marijuana Tattoo This cat flower colour tattoo rocks the style of the marijuana-infused hippie culture of the 1970s. Brightly coloured, friendly and made up of flowers, this ink is giving off some, “positive vibes man.” Fine Line Tattoo This inner peace flower fine line tattoo brings hippie vibes into modern style. Thematically this tattoo could be right out of an Austin Powers flashback. But design-wise, it’s a sleek modern tattoo.

Trippy & Surreal Tattoos

You can’t talk about marijuana tattoos without looking at some trippy and surreal tattoos. At our Downtown Toronto tattoo shop, we have some of the most creative and talented artists. So it’s no surprise we have a plethora of truly trippy ink in our gallery. Surrealism Tattoo The galaxy tree makes great use of the watercolour tattoo trend to creates a mesmerizing surrealism tattoo. The juxtaposition of the galactic infinity and the growing tree makes for avant-garde art that could have anyone tripping out. Cannabis Tattoo This friendly little unicorn shark is another unique take that capitalizes on watercolour ink. Another juxtaposition making a hybrid combo out of the magical unicorn and nature’s greatest predator. With hearts, stars, and rainbows this trippy tattoo fits in as easily with hippie tattoos as with surreal tattoos. Surreal Tattoo At the other end of the spectrum, we have this spooky, realistic tattoo. Sure to catch people off guard, this cool tattoo really looks like this arm is watching your every move.

Got the Munchies? Tattoos That Satisfy Your Cravings

After taking in all cannabis tattoos, you may be craving the munchies. We’ve got you covered: Tattoo Munchies This hyperreal cupcake tattoo is everything you need to satisfy your craving for food tattoos, right down to the cherry on top. Ink has never looked so tasty. Weed Tattoo If one snack isn’t enough, why not get the full candy shop? This rock candy tattoo comes complete with cupcakes and a whole range of goodies. If you’re looking to celebrate legalization, this is a good way to get your fill.

Get Your Own Cannabis Tattoo

If you have an idea for a cannabis tattoo of your own, come visit some of the best tattoo artists in Toronto & Vancouver. We boast leading artists in all your favourite tattoo styles. Schedule a tattoo consultation today, at any of our three locations.
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