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Japanese Tattoo Clothing

Japanese Tattoo Clothing | From Skin to Silk

Recently, tattoos have been leaving their mark on the fashion world. From the runway to the real world, we’re seeing tattoo fashion take off. Dior kicked off this year with their Paris Haute Couture fashion show featuring models with tattooed necklaces. The 2017 New York Fashion Week featured a number of models with prominent tattoos. And now, a new fashion designer is launching her own line of custom Irezumi-style clothing.


Irezumi are traditional Japanese tattoos popularized by the heroes of the Suikoden (Water Margin). 18th century woodblock prints of the story featured a group of outlaw heroes with full body tattoos. The creatures and designs on their body art are now the standards for Asian tattoos. Suikoden Tattoo Some of the traditional Irezumi designs include: In Irezumi, the tattoos traditionally cover the full body. Neo-traditional Asian tattoos are popular now and may only cover part of the body. For example a back, chest, or sleeve tattoo. The tattoos follow the natural flow of the body and fill in the background with elemental designs.

Irezumi Clothing

Fashion designer Hannah Dang is making waves with her Irezumi-style clothing. This homage to traditional Japanese tattoos creates a truly unique look. Overall her designs stay true to their roots. They are faithful to the style and themes of their ink inspirations. Irezumi Fashion The hand-painted designs, just like Irezumi tattoos, are custom designed to match the natural curves and flow of the wearer’s body. Koi Fish Dress The designs themselves have a clear basis in traditional styles, as evidenced in the above image. The koi fish tattoo dress uses the water element as it’s background. Connecting the style and featuring other Asian tattoo iconography, such as lotus flowers.

The Designer - Hannah Dang

The designer of the Asian tattoo dresses is Hannah Dang. Although a recent graduate of fashion school, she is already turning heads in the industry. The wearable Irezumi started as a graduate project and is now in high demand. She is only offering them as custom orders through her Instagram account. Her designs have garnered attention around the world, from her home in London to Japanese pop stars.

Celebrities Wearing Asian Tattoo Dresses

The first celebrity to set her sights on Dang’s Asian tattoo dresses was musician Rina Sawayama. Rina wore her Irezumi outfit on the red carpet, making Elle’s Best Dressed List in the phoenix & dragon tattoo design. Other celebrities have since had their own dresses made. The list includes internet celebrity Nikita Dragun and British singer Jorja Smith. As the trend continues to draw eyes, this roster is sure to grow.

Tattoos & Fashion

The tattoo and fashion industries share a lot of similarities. They evolve from a passion for art, a desire to turn heads, and a need to push the envelope. Trends like this, which behind the two worlds, prove that they are an ideal match. We expect to see the two worlds continue to collide through 2019, and the years to come. Interested in Japanese tattoos? At Chronic Ink, we have some of the best traditional and neo-traditional Asian tattoo artists in Downtown Toronto. Visit any of our Toronto & Vancouver locations, or book your next tattoo online.
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