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Laser Tattoo Removal

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Worth It?

If you're regretting a tattoo that once seemed like a fantastic decision, you're not alone. Falling out of love with your body ink isn’t uncommon whatsoever, and the good news is that you don’t have to be stuck with it forever. Laser tattoo removal may just be the right solution for you. We're not always the people we once were. A tattoo that once perfectly expressed our inner selves when we were 18 might feel childish and silly at 36. Or perhaps the tattoo artist didn’t quite understand what you wanted, resulting in a permanent image you didn’t ask for. Whatever the reason may be that’s making you rethink your ink, we can help lighten the burden of regret. If you're considering laser tattoo removal, you're likely wondering if it's worth the time and money. Whether or not this is a worthwhile option for you depends on how much you regret your tattoo. If removing it would improve your quality of life, it may be in your best interest to learn more about how laser removal works.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Really Work?

Yes. Laser tattoo removal works. Results vary from person to person, but regular tattoo removal sessions reduce tattoos significantly. It can even make them disappear entirely. You'll see results immediately, but it takes multiple sessions to make a tattoo disappear completely. Be patient and follow the aftercare instructions diligently if you want to avoid adverse side effects like scarring. It's wise to plan ahead, as you'll need to go through the laser tattoo removal healing stages for about two months between laser sessions. Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work

Can Laser Completely Remove Tattoos?

Eliminating older tattoos with laser treatments is possible, but actual results vary from person to person. People respond differently to a laser session, so it may take longer for tattoos to disappear in some cases than others. But, even with variable results, laser removal will significantly fade your tattoo once the entire course of treatment is over, though it may not be completely removed. Factors that can influence your results include your skin type, the location of your tattoo, and how long you've had it. And even if the tattoo doesn't fade entirely, it'll still be much less visible.

How Many Sessions Does It Take to Remove a Tattoo?

The number of laser sessions required to obliterate a tattoo is determined on a case-by-case basis. It depends on many factors, such as the colors involved, layering, pre-existing scarring, the size, and the clients' skin color. On average, it usually takes between six to eight appointments for complete success. Solid black tattoos are the easiest to remove as black pigment absorbs the laser light easier than most other colors. So, if you have black ink, you may need fewer treatments for complete removal. Keep in mind, however, that your skin needs to heal between sessions. Laser tattoo removal isn't a quick process. To be safe, don't plan on being tattoo free for at least a year or so. Laser Tattoo Removal Session

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take to Heal?

The whole idea of a tattoo removal session is for your skin to start healing itself by absorbing and expelling ink pigment. This process begins once the area has been "fractured" by laser energy. Your immune system certainly comes into play here. The better condition your health is in, the faster your skin will be able to heal. The pain and discomfort after each laser treatment go away within a week or two. However, the treated skin takes several more weeks to heal adequately before it can handle a new treatment session. Don't try to rush the process, though, as that's when problems develop that could lead to infection. We generally advise that customers wait between six to eight weeks before scheduling their next appointment. That gives your skin plenty of time to prepare for another laser treatment. You can schedule your next appointment for laser tattoo removal before and after your current session by giving us a call.

How Bad Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

There's no beating around the bush here; laser tattoo removal isn't quite as soothing as a spa treatment. Truth be told, it can be a painful process. Laser tattoo removal works by heating up ink particles to very high temperatures. It's a lot like a flash sunburn, and customers compare the pain to getting hit with bacon grease. However, these experiences do depend on the tattoo's location. If you're treating areas like your hands and feet, you'll likely feel more pain during the process. The more sensitive the location, the more you'll feel. However, it is manageable, much like the pain involved with getting a tattoo. But you can't claim that it's pleasant.
In Progress Laser Tattoo Removal


Is laser tattoo removal worth it? The answer depends entirely on you. If your life is adversely affected by your tattoo and you're willing to spend the money, the only other thing you'll need is patience. It's an effective treatment that will reduce the visibility of your tattoo. We are happy to provide the best laser tattoo removal in Toronto, but only you can determine if it's worth it.

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