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The Complete Guide to Popular Los Angeles Tattoo Styles

Los Angeles County has a tattoo scene that stands among the best in the world. Their wide selection of tattoo shops and styles is only eclipsed by the sheer number of talented artists in one relatively small area. Between the Los Angeles tattoo shops, Studio City tattoo parlors, and West Hollywood studios, there are plenty of great options to choose from. While some things never change when it comes to popular tattoo styles in this area, there are some new players on the scene when it comes to the rising trends. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the up-and-coming styles that have come to the public eye in recent years.

What Are the Most Popular Tattoo Styles?

There are some standstills that will always be popular among tattoo aficionados, and the Los Angeles scene is no different. The most popular styles are typically the traditional style, the Fineline style, neo-Asian tattoos, script tattoos, and black and grey realism. Each of the best tattoo artists in Los Angeles has their own unique taste in tattoos, that’s the beauty of it all. By getting a better look at the whole picture, you’ll be able to decide what may be the best design for your next piece. No matter what style your tastes may fall under, you have to appreciate the sheer artistry at work in this special scene.

Fineline Tattoo

Fineline tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with the younger generations. These lowkey and subtly striking tattoos are a testament to how far tattooing has come. They are showcased by their increased attention to detail that has only become possible given the advances in the tattoo technology that is now available to artists in LA and abroad. Fine line tattoo Los Angeles This style of tattoos is generally monochromic in nature and typically done on a small-scale rather than as a larger piece. Because of their exact style, they are quite unique in their overall appearance. Typically, a Fineline tattoo is done in such a way that the design ends up looking almost two or three-dimensional. The exact science has to do with the needles, which are different than your typical tattoo needle. They are round liner needles that can draw more precise angles and lines. Usually, these types of tattoos don’t take very long, and they won’t break the bank as much as a larger piece would. As a bonus, these tattoos typically hurt less than a regular tattoo because the needles are sometimes grouped together by design, so the lines come out less bulky. Fineline Los Angeles Tattoo Style

Neo-Asian Style Tattoo

Asian-inspired tattoos have been popular for the last century or so, with roots dating back thousands of years to the Shogun empires of old. Today, there is a new modern twist in the form of neo-Asian styles. As opposed to the Fineline tattoos, these vibrant tattoos are loud in every way imaginable. A properly done neo-Asian tattoo will stand out from the pack and deliver a sight to behold to anybody in the general area – in a good way. Best Asian Style Tattoo Los Angeles By utilizing bright and bold colors, these tattoos differ from traditional styles of tattoos in that they over-accentuate the piece as a whole. Designs of animals and plants are popular combinations that define this growing genre. People in the Los Angeles area who want to stand out or make a bold statement often go with this tattoo style, including popular musicians and actors. When done right, this style of tattoo will be a topic of conversation from the barroom to the ball field, and it’s sure to get the jealous stares of colleagues and friends alike. It says a lot about a person to be comfortable in their own skin, and the neo-Asian style lets your skin become a true work of art. Asian Style Tattoo Los Angeles

Script Tattoos

Also referred to as cursive tattoos, this unique style is popular among people who opt to include words in their pieces. Its basic design entails cursive letters that typically spell out a word or phrase that means a lot to the client. Don't let the basic premise fool you. These tattoos are anything but average. Script Los Angeles Tattoo Styles This style of tattoo became popular in the early 2000s and has quickly risen the ranks to be one of the most commonly seen in day-to-day Los Angeles life. Typically, the artist will put a unique spin on them to make them stand out from the crowd, but it's the words themselves that make them so powerful. Whether it’s the name of a loved one or a phrase you live your life by, script tattoos are a great way to get your true feelings out to the world. If pictures and flamboyant colors aren’t your thing, many people choose to go with a script tattoo due to both its simplicity and its magnitude. Oftentimes, these styles are used by clients to memorialize a fallen loved one or friend. Los Angeles Script Tattoo The bleak, yet sophisticated look of the tattoo shows just what life can give and take away. With a typical grey, white, and black color-scheme, they aren’t too hard on the eyes while they spread your message far and wide. The good news is that these styles typically don’t break the bank, as the designs come easily to artists and the grey-scale lettering doesn’t cost them as much as a brighter tattoo.

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Black & Grey Realism

Perhaps no style of tattoo has had such a rise in recent years as the black and grey realism style. This style is commonly seen on tattoo social media accounts and can send a bold message from the person who had them done. The basic premise deals with have a photo-quality picture tattooed onto the skin in a black or grey tone that might as well be the real thing. In Los Angeles, many people use their skin to tell their story. It has been a part of the culture since the 60s and 70s. These tattoos perhaps do the best job of achieving that goal. With such a lifelike print tattooed on the body, it gets across the exact message you’re trying to convey. As opposed to other styles of tattoos that artists can do in their sleep from so much repetition, the black and grey realism style takes an incredible talent to pull it off. Realism Tattoo Los Angeles Any artist that can do this style justice deserves whatever they ask for in payment. It is a style that can’t be faked when it comes to the sheer quality and artistry that goes into it. Whether it’s the face of your newborn baby or even just a celebrity you adore and admire, there is no better way to get a human image tattooed onto you. Due to the amount of work it takes to complete these tattoos from start to finish, they are typically on the pricier side compared to something like a Fineline tattoo. One thing is for sure--you'll be able to see where your time and money is going by the time it's done. Tattoo shops in Los Angles are a special breed with their own unique brand of tattooing. Over the years, the tastes have shifted with the changing cultures and technologies of the day. Yet, one thing remains the same. If you’re looking for a piece to send a message, whatever that message may be, then you’ve come to the right place. Realism Los Angeles Tattoo Styles

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