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Maple Leaf Tattoos and Other Canadian Symbols

Maple Leaf Tattoos and Other Canadian Symbols

Deciding on the right symbols for a tattoo can be a difficult process. The symbols we choose to adorn on our skin last forever. That’s why it’s important that we choose a tattoo that represents a story, a meaning, or a feeling that will stick with us forever. Canadians, in particular, share a great sense of national pride. Thus, many opt for Canadian themed tattoos, such as maple leaf tattoos.

What does it mean to be Canadian? In our young country, we haven’t had much time to define who we are. Additionally, our country continues to evolve and answers to the question of our true identity are broad and unique to each citizen. For some, it’s staying up late watching Don Cherry rant on Coaches Corner, for many, it’s the new country they moved to and started a life in.

maple leaf calf tattoo

In any case, Canadians are extremely patriotic and there are many symbols they have made iconic over the decades.

Common Canadian Tattoo Symbols - the maple leaf tattoo

There are many symbols that initially come to mind when thinking about the Great White North. Poutine, the maple leaf, the RCMP, a moose, a beaver, a toque, a hockey stick, or a moose playing hockey for the Maple Leafs while eating poutine come to mind. The Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays are also popular to many of those getting a tattoo in Toronto & Vancouver.

Canadian Celebrities showing their National Pride with Canadian Tattoos

It’s important to many of us Canadians to that we are different from the citizens of the United States. While much of our culture is similar, we have certain values, traditions, and ideals that are unique to us, and that we hold dear. The following Canadian celebrities would agree with those Drake - In many circles, Drake serves as Toronto & Vancouver’s unofficial Ambassador to the world. Drizzy himself sports a CN tower tattoo on his upper arm. He also sports many other tattoos, including the digits “416” along the side of his torso.drake Toronto & Vancouver tattoo Jay Baruchel - In the 2007 comedy “Knocked Up,” alongside fellow Canadian Seth Rogen, Baruchel revealed the maple leaf tattoo on the upper left of his chest. Baruchel is a long time lover of hockey and the Montreal Canadiens.jay maple leaf tattoo Ed Sheeran - Though Ed Sheeran isn’t Canadian, he himself adorns a maple leaf tattoo. The tattoo serves as a symbol for the love of his Canadian fans. I mean, who doesn’t love Canadians?ed shereen tattoo Justin Trudeau - If not for his status as Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau cemented his passion for Canada when he attended the Tragically hip concert in a full on “Canadian Tuxedo” (denim jacket, denim jeans). Furthermore, he sports a raven tattoo on his upper arm that pays tribute to the Haida, a tribe of indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada.justin trudeau tuxedo Shawn Mendes The 17-year-old Canadian phenom dropped by Chronic Ink to immortalise his love of Pickering and Toronto & Vancouver, combined with his passion for making music. His tattoo is in the shape of a guitar and features the forests of Pickering and transitions into the Toronto & Vancouver city skyline.sean mendez tattoo If you are looking to show your national pride with a new maple leaf tattoo, or by immortalising Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip on your body forever, then contact Chronic Ink Tattoo in Toronto & Vancouver.]>>
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