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Where to Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed in Toronto

Where to Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed in Toronto

Where to Get Eyebrows Microbladed in Toronto?

If you've been reading up on how to get some of the fullest and lushest eyebrows in town, you've most likely come across the concept of microblading. By using this semi-permanent tattoo alternative, you can create the illusion of thicker brows that will last for up to 18 months. It's a great choice for people who don't want to commit to permanent makeup but also don't feel like getting up early to do their brows every morning. As with every other beauty trend, you'll have noticed that plenty of salons and parlours have started to offer eyebrow microblading in Toronto. However, not all microblading artists are created equal, especially since it only takes a two-day course to become certified in the technique. Since microblading does last for over a year, you definitely want to find an experienced artist who will ensure you get the best results possible. Otherwise, you may end up with fake-looking brows at best, or a skin infection at worst. Instead of going to a beauty salon, why not try a tattoo studio instead? Some of the best brow microblading in Toronto is performed by tattoo artists who have branched out with their skills into the beauty industry. There are lots of advantages to working with a tattoo artist. Not only can you rely on the expertise of someone who can cater to your particular aesthetic needs, but you can also be sure you're in a safe, professional, and hygienic environment. Microblading requires that tiny incisions are made just under the skin, so it's essential to work with someone who uses sterile equipment and keeps a clean workspace. Some people also find that they're allergic to the pigments, and by working with a tattoo studio, you're sure to find a pigment type that will suit you without any allergic reactions. Chronic Ink offers microblading eyebrows in Toronto in a wide variety of different locations. No matter where you are in or around the city, you'll be sure to find a location close by. They offer some of the best microblading in downtown Toronto due to their expertise with tattoos. Currently, two of Chronic Ink's locations offer microblading, namely Gerard and Markham, and more are sure to follow as this trend takes off even further.

How Much is Microblading in Toronto?

If you want the best microblading in Toronto, it will cost about $500. Microblading is a personalized process in which the artist has to take into account the client's facial features, eyebrow thickness or thinness, pigments, and many other factors to ensure that the end result is natural and satisfactory. Not only that, it's a relatively long procedure and can take up to two hours if you include the consultation and waiting for the numbing gel to kick in. Overall, the average price for a two-hour microblading session in Toronto is $500, and waiting times for appointments are growing longer all the time. Chronic Ink charges $450 per session plus tax.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique where pigments are inserted under the skin to create the illusion of fuller and thicker eyebrows. Unlike permanent tattooing, microblading uses a specialized tool that only scratches the surface instead of piercing it. The microblading tool looks like a pen that has delicate needles at the end. These needles implant medical-grade pigments into the scratches. The process creates the illusion of fine hair strokes which can be indistinguishable from your natural brow hairs. This creates a gentler look, and since microblading uses semi-permanent pigments, the result will fade over time into a lighter version of the chosen colour. The actual process is very simple. After the initial consultation, the brow area is cleaned up and a numbing cream is applied. This takes a while to start working, and many artists will spend this time discussing colours and shades with their clients. The application stage can take an hour or longer, depending on the client. After the final layer of pigment has been applied and the excess removed, the client can go home with bigger, better brows. Microblading Toronto

What is Microshading?

If you've got sensitive skin that needs a slightly gentler treatment, or your brows are completely thinned out and need a more subtle approach, microshading makes an excellent alternative to microblading. While the basic principle of applying pigments under the skin remains the same, microshading uses dots instead of strokes, which results in a slightly different effect. Microshading in Toronto uses a stippling-type effect which creates a gradient that can resemble perfectly-applied eyebrow powder if done correctly. As the dots create much smaller wounds that microblading, it's a good solution for people who have sensitive skin which can be irritated by the microblading procedure. The main drawback of microshading is that it's a very subtle effect, which may not be suitable for all eyebrow types. You can't really do much to shape your brows using microshading, which is why the technique is aimed at people who want natural-looking brows that have gentle, feathered edges. For the client, the procedure for microshading is exactly the same as microblading. Microshading is reportedly less painful than microblading, but ideally, with the numbing cream, you shouldn't experience much discomfort. Microshading Eyebrows

What Are Combo Brows?

Combo brows, or hybrid brows, are exactly what the name would suggest: a combination of microblading and microshading. The advantages of both microblading and microshading combine to create a natural-looking brow that can last for up to 18 months. The microshading softens the solid, dramatic lines that come from microblading, while the microblading provides a bit more extra definition and solidity to the brow. The biggest drawback to combo brows is that they're slightly more expensive than each of the individual techniques done alone, but the results are well worth it. Need more information about microblading? Consult with professionals at our Gerard and Markham locations to see if this is your best bet for fuller brows. Combo Brows

Is Microblading Right for You?

Microblading can be a big initial investment, but for those of us with sparse eyebrows, the beautiful results can be well worth it. Everyone is different, and whether or not microblading is the right pick for you is a personal decision. However, if you’re still unsure, it never hurts to set up a consultation with your local brow artist! If you are in the Toronto, or Markham areas come see us today!

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378 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1S6 Directions


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