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10 Tips for Name Tattoo Designs

10 Tips for Name Tattoo Designs

Isn’t Getting Someone’s Name as a Tattoo Considered Bad Luck?

A lot of people, even tattoo artists, will tell you that getting someone’s name tattooed on your body is considered bad luck. This usually stems from the age old tradition of people writing the names of boyfriends or girlfriends on themselves somewhere conspicuous, so that if something bad happens in the relationship, you carry their name literally for the rest of your life. This tradition is perpetuated in the media through movies and TV shows, but you can break the trend by designing your own personal name tattoo that has a personal tribute to someone you love and know. There are also many different types of designs that have flowers incorporated with the script tattoo as well as cross tattoos. While this pessimistic view may be the norm when most people think of these kinds of tattoos, the reality is much more varied and intricate, and there are a lot of different ways you can design a name of someone you love or want to remember in a way that is both tasteful and unique.

Not Your Average Name

No one wants just a jumble of letters in a font that everyone uses, and it’s obviously much better to try and add a bit of personalization to it where you can. This might not always be easy, but starting with the name itself and the meaning behind it can net you some great ideas. Don’t be afraid to take your time in researching, especially if the name carries a real weight with you or is part of a singular, powerful memory. Getting the names of your parents or children are popular but tasteful ways to tell the world (and yourself) that there are other people in your life who are important and special to you. Start off with the reason why you want to get the tattoo, and its personal meaning to you. This will enable you to think of the most powerful and poignant way to showcase your new design to the world and have it be something completely unique to you. There are many different types of tattoo designs for men that you may choose from. Script bicep

The Power of Etymology

Etymology is literally the study of words, leading into the study of names. Each name has a unique meaning in a particular culture, sometimes multiple meanings. These can be drawn upon to create symbolic designs that go with your tattoo in order to make it stand out from the crowd. Even if you want something simpler, it can be a fun adventure to learn the historical or cultural significance of the name you are designing around. You may find out some new things that offer clever ways to incorporate different symbols and even particular fonts that are associated with the name’s history. For example, you may have a Welsh name that has a particular “aquatic” meaning. With this, you can design a tattoo that incorporates waves or oceanic themes to make it pop. No matter what name you’re trying to attribute your design to, you should start with its etymology.

Paying Tribute and Remembering Those We Love

Perhaps the single most important reason people get name tattoos is to remember someone we’ve lost or to pay tribute to someone in our family tree. Our surnames can contain just as much personal meaning to us as our first given name, so researching into the cultural aspects of your last name can be some interesting research. Maybe you have a tie to a particular part of the country you were born in, a certain animal or profession that you can incorporate into your tattoo. As well as this, a name tattoo can symbolize someone who is no longer with you, providing a daily reminder as to their importance in your life. Perhaps they were a mentor or best friend. In those cases, you can easily attribute a personal, symbolic flair to your design that really speaks to their memory and leaves a lasting impression on those that happen to see it.

The Importance of Tattoo Font and Text Design

There are many different tattoos for men and women, each one unique to the wearer. No matter which name you end up choosing for your art, you should take a look at some of the ones that your artist has done before. Maybe you’re more into contemporary design that is big, bold, and beautiful, perhaps with some colored shading or very dark blacks in order to make the piece stand out more. Font choice is incredibly important, but the design, colorful or not, is definitely going to be something you will spend more time in figuring out. The entire aesthetic part of you overall design will be the thing everyone else sees should you choose to share it with them, and first impressions can help to convey just how important the art is to you. You may also be into a more traditional design that incorporates classic tattoo motifs, such as anchors, knives or butterflies, each of those items potentially tying into the power and presence of the name you’re going to be wearing.

The Abstract Art of Font Design

Tattoo artists often have their own style and way of looking at designs. You will be able to get a chance to look at your artist’s portfolios and see the past work they’ve completed. Pretty much every artist has done a name tattoo before, as they are exceedingly popular among all age groups and demographics. There is an incredibly long history of font designs, and each one can have its own cultural and timely significance. You can look into more medieval font designs that were prominent in biblical works or renaissance time periods. Gothic type is popular for its sharp, dark style, sometimes harder to read and thus more mysterious to someone looking at it for the first time. No matter what design you decide to get, you can be assured that there is plenty of inspiration out there for you one way or another. Whether you’re working one-on-one with your artist or taking inspiration from a friend or family member, you’ll be able to get something unique and personal for you. script forearm

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