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The Piercing Needle vs. the Piercing Gun: Unveiling the Superior Choice for Body Piercing

The Piercing Needle vs. the Piercing Gun: Unveiling the Superior Choice for Body Piercing

piercinggun When you’re considering getting a piercing, you’re probably also trying to figure out if you should have it done with a piercing gun or a needle. But what is the difference between the two? Is one better than the other? At Chronic Ink Tattoo, at our Downtown Toronto location, we only use piercing needles and all of our piercers have years of experience in the art. We choose to use piercing needles for three main reasons. Firstly is the sterility of the two processes, the second is the experience and knowledge that you gain by choosing a piercer who is trained in using a needle and thirdly is the intensity and pain difference between the two piercing methods.


1. Sterility

The first thing you should know is that despite rumours to the contrary, piercing with a needle is a much more sterile process. All needles that we use at our Toronto & Vancouver location are single use, which means that they only come into contact with an individual’s skin once before being disposed of. Tattoo Guns on the other hand are not replaced after each use. While they are supposed to be sanitized, this usually involves using a sprayed cleaning solution or sanitary wipe. Unfortunately, since piercing guns are so complex, this method of cleaning makes it difficult to reach every nook and cranny of the device. This often leads to the guns not being completely sanitized between each use and particulates from one customer being passed on to the next.

2. Experience

Certification to use a piercing gun can be gained in as little two weeks, with some candidates gaining their certification having only watched others perform a piercing. More importantly, a piercing gun certification course does not teach candidates about the effects that a piercing can have on the body, such as tissue or blood vessel damage, nor does it teach candidates about proper aftercare for a new piercing. As we’ve previously mentioned, needle piercers go through years of training to perfect their craft. They also concurrently learn about the different tissue types that are frequently pierced as well as common problems that can arise from a new piercing. Overall, a needle piercer will be able to provide you with a much cleaner piercing that does not damage the surrounding tissue or the underlying blood vessels. They will also be able to instruct you on proper aftercare tailored to your specific piercing.

3. Intensity

Although this might seem counter intuitive, piercing guns are actually much more painful than piercing needles. The reason for this has to do with how each device pierces the body’s tissue. A piercing needle is extremely sharp and hollow. When used to perform a piercing, the needle easily cuts through the skin, without damaging the surrounding tissue. Piercing guns on the other hand use a blunt stud that is quickly forced through the skin. The result of this process is that surrounding tissue is pulled and stretched by the stud as it is pierced through the skin, damaging it in the process. Another disadvantage is that due to the increased size of the stud, there is a higher likelihood of a blood vessel being damaged in the process. Hopefully this has given you a better idea about the advantages that a piercing needle has over a piercing gun as well as the risks of using a piercing gun. If you would still like to learn more about the piercing process or if you’re ready to get pierced, then feel free to stop by our Toronto & Vancouver location or drop us a line. Triple Ear Piercing done at Chronic Ink's Toronto & Vancouver location
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