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Male Piercings

Popular Piercings for Men

With the exception of specific genital piercings, almost all body piercings are unisex. That said, the most popular piercings do vary between the genders. Generally, men are more likely to get visible, attention-grabbing piercings. Facial piercings are especially popular. We take a look at the most popular piercings for men, in order:
  • Nipple Piercings
  • Eyebrow Piercings
  • Cartilage Piercings
  • Septum Piercings
  • Lip Piercings
  • Genital Piercings
We also have a Popular Piercings for Women you can view here.

Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are easily the most popular piercings for men. Nearly 1 in 5 men have had their nipples pierced. This number may seem high at first, but that’s only because these piercings are usually hidden. Spend some time at a beach or music festival and you’re sure to see some nipple rings and barbells. Nipple piercings are performed at the base of the nipple, usually with a horizontal piercing. However, angled or vertical piercings are fairly popular as well. Men often pierce both nipples. There are a number of myths and misconceptions about nipple piercings, but despite the misunderstandings, this piercing is appropriate for just about anyone. Nearly all body types and chest shapes, even underdeveloped or inverted nipples, can be pierced safely.

Eyebrow Piercings

For men, eyebrow piercings are a close second as the most popular piercing. Eyebrow piercings are one of the more recent types of piercings. Born out of 70s punk culture, these piercings have maintained their edge. With the right jewellery, eyebrow piercings can be an immensely masculine piercing. In fact, men pierce their eyebrows twice as often as women. Although vertical piercings are the most common, there are a number of types of eyebrow piercings including:
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Multiple
  • Bridge
  • Anti-Eyebrow

Cartilage Piercings

Ear piercings are popular with both genders, but among people with piercings, men get cartilage piercings more often than women. The most popular cartilage piercings for men are:
  • Rook: A piercing along the antihelix of the ear.
  • Conch: A piercing through the innermost shell of the ear.
  • Tragus: A piercing on the cartilage flap over the ear canal.
  • Helix: A piercing anywhere along the outer cartilage of the ear.
  • Daith: A piercing on the innermost cartilage fold of the ear.

Septum Piercings

The popularity of different nose piercings varies between men and women. For men, septum piercings are by far the most popular nose piercing. Men often choose septum tusks, pinchers, and bull-rings to decorate this piercing. As well, men usually choose a thicker gauge. The septum is the centre cartilage between the nostrils. The piercing is performed where the cartilage is thinnest. Placed right in the centre of the face, septum piercings are one of the most noticeable piercings.

Lip Piercings

The last facial piercing on this list, more than 1 in 10 men have worn lip piercings. Labret studs are the go-to lip piercing for men. Men typically pierce their lower lip. Scrumper piercings are growing in popularity for men. They aren’t quite on the lip - instead piercing the frenulum, or web, between the gums and lip.

Genital Piercings

Genital piercings fall further behind in popularity than the other piercing son this list. Rough estimates suggest just under 1 in 20 men have genital piercings. However, they have been growing in popularity as people learn that genital piercings are safe in the hands of professionals. The most popular genital piercing for men is the Prince Albert. However there a number of other types of male genital piercings including:
  • Frenum
  • Apadravya
  • Ampallang
  • Dydoe
  • Scrotum
  • Guiche

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While these are the most popular piercings for men, they aren’t the only options. The right piercing for you is the one (or ones) that match your body and aesthetic. This list is a great jumping off point, but there is a whole world of options available. Have a piercing you’d love to get? Book an appointment today with one of our piercing artists in Toronto & Vancouver!
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