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Toronto & Vancouver’s Most Popular Piercings for Women

Toronto & Vancouver’s Most Popular Piercings for Women

Looking for inspiration for your next piercing? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular piercings for women in Toronto & Vancouver. As we mention in our Popular Piercings for Men article, almost all piercings are unisex so none of these piercings are exclusively for women. You can get any piercing you want regardless of which list it is or isn’t on. But, if you don’t know which piercing you want next, this list is a great place to start:
  • Nostril Piercings
  • Cartilage Piercings
  • Navel Piercings
  • Nipple Piercings
  • Tongue Piercings

Nostril Piercings

Nose piercings, and nostril piercings in particular, are the most popular piercing for women in Toronto & Vancouver. About 1 in 5 women with piercings have nose piercings. Of these, most Toronto & Vancouver women are piercing their nostril or high nostril. A nostril piercing is has a variety of jewellery options available. Some of the common ones include nostril screws, studs, rings and pins. They are positioned to the side of the nose near the crease. It’s not unusual for people to have as many as 3 nostril piercings on one side. A high nostril piercing is the same piercing with a slightly higher placement. Other popular nose piercings in Toronto & Vancouver include: Watch as piercing artist Becky performs a nostril piercing at our Eglinton piercing shop in Toronto:

Cartilage Ear Piercings

It seems like just about everybody has an ear piercing these days. Multiple ear piercings and curated ear projects are popular as well. So it’s no surprise that cartilage ear piercings rank highly on this list. The most common ear piercing in Toronto & Vancouver is a lobe piercing. This can consist of anything from a captive bead rings to flesh tunnel jewellery on the earlobe. Some of the other most popular ear piercings for women include: Over the past couple of years, daith piercings have become more popular as well, due to claims that daith piercings cure migraines. To date, there’s no proof that this actually works. But it is definitely a cool piercing. Navel Piercing

Navel Piercings

Navel piercings aren’t just one of the coolest body piercings out there, they’re also one of the least painful piercings. As a result, navel piercings are immensely popular piercings. This is especially true in women. In the USA about a 1 in 3 female piercings are navel piercings. In Toronto & Vancouver, however, this percentage is a little lower. Although they are one of the best beach-ready piercings of the summer, Torontonians with belly button piercings only get to show them off for a few months each year. Although belly button piercings may not be as popular in our wintery city as they are in sunnier climates, there are still pretty common. Of course, you may not be able to tell during September-May.

Nipple Piercings

While nipple piercings are more common amongst men than women, they remain a popular choice for any gender. Most nipple shapes and sizes can be accommodated. And with vertical, horizontal, and angle piercing options they can account for your body’s specific shape and curves. Nearly as popular as these piercings, are the nipple piercing myths. Fortunately, most of the concerns are nothing but myths. They do not prevent breastfeeding or set off metal detectors. For more, check out our nipple piercing myths and misconceptions article.

Midline Piercing

Tongue Piercings

Once the second most popular piercing, aren’t quite as common today as they were 10 years ago. However, they still remain a popular piercing for both men and women. About 1 in 10 women with piercings have pierced their tongue. Some newer styles like the risky snake eye piercings are rekindling an interest in tongue piercings. But that is a potentially dangerous piercing, and we would recommend a safer option like a midline or frenulum tongue piercing. A midline is the safest and most common tongue piercing for men and women alike. It’s positioned directly in the center of the tongue. For more, consult our Toronto & Vancouver Tongue Piercing Guide.

Our Favourite Piercing Aftercare

NeliMed Nelicleanse Piercing Aftercare

NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare

NeilMed Neilcleanse Piercing Aftercare saline spray helps in healing piercings. It is an isotonic, drug-free, preservative-free solution for cleaning your piercing during the healing period with no burning or stinging to irritate the pierced area. The sterile saline solution can be used as part of your healing process with any fresh piercing, including ear piercings, nostril piercings and belly button piercings. Neilcleanse sprays in any direction for easy use without touching your piercing.

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