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Semicolon Tattoos and the Meaning Behind Them

The semicolon tattoo may be a tiny tattoo, but this little, and often subtle imagery is full of power and meaning. And since its recent gain in popularity over the last few years, you will probably see lots more people sporting this meaningful ink. Because of the meaning behind each and every semicolon tattoo, those affected by mental health issues and suicide are able to band together in solidarity.

What Does A Semicolon Tattoo Mean?

The semicolon tattoo stands for mental health struggles and suicide prevention. Project Semicolon was first started by Amy Bluel in 2013 after a movement took off on social media platforms. In fact, the Semicolon Project’s mission is “a movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage, love, and inspire.” In light of that, the semicolon tattoo represents survival, hope, love, and strength in the face of mental illness and suicide. Project Semicolon, as well as the semicolon tattoo, draws focus to mental health issues including self-injury, addiction, suicide, anxiety, and depression. While Project Semicolon provides support and education on these issues, semicolon tattoos also serve as a talking point to begin the conversation.

Why Use A Semicolon?

Put simply, in the writing world, an author uses a semicolon instead of a period to show that even though they could have ended their sentence, they purposely chose not to. In the case of the semicolon tattoo and its meaning, the author is the person, and the sentence represents their life. Originally, people were encouraged through social media to draw a semicolon somewhere on their bodies and then take a photo of it. But people soon realized and fell in love with the deep meaning behind the drawing and chose to have the punctuation mark permanently inked on their bodies. To those that proudly wear the tattoo, the semicolon serves as a daily reminder of their struggles, survival, and victories over mental illness. Semicolon tattoos also are a fun way to feel proud of your accomplishments. They are a permanent reminder that you are loved, you matter, and you have to keep living. These tattoos are also a way to honour the loved ones you have lost. And since the semicolon tattoo is also a symbol of hope and understanding, you do not have to struggle with anxiety or depression in order to proudly wear this tattoo. Semicolon tattoo

What Are Some Semicolon Tattoo Ideas?

Since semicolon tattoos are definitely conversation starters, why not think about different avenues to take the design and placement of the tattoo down? Since this tattoo has grown in popularity because of its association with hope, so too have the number of versions of it that are available to choose from. While some choose to simply ink the semicolon in various sizes on their wrists and fingers, others choose to embed the semicolon inside a larger image. Because it is a punctuation mark, the standard colour for most semicolon tattoos is black. However, more and more people are choosing to infuse some colour into their tattoos. Some tattoo artists even embed the semicolon inside of meaningful words. For example, instead of having the word “warrior” inked on your wrist, why not tattoo it as “warr;or” instead? One of the best things about semicolon tattoos is that they are small and can be placed anywhere. Semicolon tattoos have been spotted on feet, as wrist tattoos , as finger tattoos, in between fingers, behind ears, and even right on top of legs where everyone can see.

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What Can The Semicolon Tattoo Do To Help Others?

No matter what it looks like, or what shape, design, colour, or image it takes, nothing will ever change the meaning of the semicolon tattoo for those that wear it. The semicolon tattoo, for those who proudly and permanently have it on their bodies, will forever serve as a reminder of their survival and triumph over suicide and mental illness, and/or their remembrance of someone who did not win the fight.

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This tattoo gives hope not only to the wearer, but it also serves as a symbol of encouragement and solidarity to others who may be trying to overcome tough times and impossible struggles.

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