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Snake Eyes Piercing

Your Ultimate guide to the Snake Eyes Piercing

What are snake eyes piercing?

As a new fad in the piercing world, the snake eyes piercing is something brash, in-your-face, and incredibly unique. You probably won’t see another person with them, but the question is, why is that? Safety is a primary concern for both professional artists and piercing enthusiasts, and snake eyes piercings tend to trend towards being unsafe and not worth the effort. The piercing itself is a curved barbell that is placed horizontally with the tip at the end on each side of your tongue, which makes it essentially an oral piercing, leading to all sorts of potential complications.

How to take out snake eyes piercing

If you already have a snake eyes piercing, you can change out the jewelry once healing is complete. Typically it takes about two months, but give or take a little longer or less time depending on your situation and how things are healing. Due to the nature of these piercings, taking care of them can be an arduous process, but it’s necessary if you’re to have a good experience over the long term. Snake Eyes

What can I eat with snake eyes piercing?

When you first get your snake eyes piercing, your piercing artist will most likely tell you only to eat soft foods for the first week or so. Due to the newly opened nature of the wound, you are creating in the tongue, where food particles can be trapped and difficult or impossible to get out. As well as this, it would help if you took care to stay away from spicy foods and alcohol, both of which can irritate and cause damage to the pierced area. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dietary rules with this type of piercing.

How to change snake eyes tongue piercing

Alternatives to snake eyes include the snake bites piercing, which is placed on either side of the lower portion of the mouth or lips and can create the same “snake-like” effect in a facial piercing. Sometimes you don’t need to go out of your way to try a new piercing, and your best bet is to stick with something traditional but still not too common. Ensuring that the piercing process is not only safe but also effective should be of primary importance. Most professional piercers won’t even do a snake eyes piercing. If you do happen to find an artist that does, make sure that they have a good track record and ideally testimonials from others who have had the same procedure. Also, please take note of where they work, how clean it is, and how helpful the staff are. Your safety and comfort during the piercing process are of utmost importance, so take your time in finding the right person to get your snake eyes piercing done. Snake Eye Piercing

How to clean snake eyes tongue piercing

Rinsing the mouth after a piercing can be difficult, but depending on where you got your piercing, you might have an easier time of it. Center tongue piercings are easy to care for and keep clean, as they don’t cause gum erosion or wear on tooth enamel from constant contact. Traditional antiseptic mouthwash is great for cleaning out your mouth after eating and when you plan on disinfecting the area. If possible, try to get a mouthwash without alcohol to prevent your mouth from drying out. Outside of this, you’ll need to monitor the area for any signs of infections or complications, which can range from pain, bleeding, or general discomfort in the pierced area. Knowing the signs beforehand means that you can be more proactive if something terrible does happen.

Potential Complications

As with any oral piercing, complications are frequent and sometimes unavoidable. The primary concern is infection shortly after the piercing process itself, which can manifest as excessive pain and swelling at the piercing site. Getting your tongue pierced is a delicate process. Using high-quality jewelry for your piercing is essential. If not, you can create issues once the area is opened up. Gum erosion can also be serious concern over the long term, as the curved barbell will be continually rubbing up against the area during your daily routine. It can lead to abscessing or infection in the mouth area, which in turn can cause painful tooth decay or cavities if left untreated. The critical thing to remember is that if you do end up getting a snake eyes piercing that you only have it for a few months at most, and then give your tongue some time to heal. While it may be an exciting new trend, the complications can be far too egregious for long term wear.

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