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The Ultimate Guide to Sternum Tattoos: Meaningful Art and Care Tips | Chronic Ink Tattoo

The Ultimate Guide to Sternum Tattoos: Meaningful Art and Care Tips | Chronic Ink Tattoo

Welcome to the ultimate guide on sternum tattoos! As a form of body art, tattoos have evolved over the years to encompass a vast array of designs and placements. One area that has gained significant popularity in recent years is the sternum, the flat bone located in the center of the chest.

Chest tattoos, sternum tattoos, or “under-boob” tattoos are usually inked directly on the breastbone, except on women, where the tattoo is usually made to flow underneath the breasts and follow the natural curves of the cleavage. Sternum tattoos are eye-catching and attractive, but sometimes painful to endure. These beautiful designs can be big and bold, or small and subtle. They are also both easy to conceal and easy to show off, making them one of the more popular tattoos to get these days.

Are Sternum Tattoos Painful?

People who have had their sternum tattooed do report that they did have sternum tattoo pain during the process. Tattooing over the bone can be fairly painful in general, however, when tattoos are done over the ribs and breastbone, or sternum, the pain can feel more intense. In fact, some people even claim that the sternum is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Also, tattooing over sensitive areas is time-consuming because this type of tattooing requires a high amount of precision. So, if the pain factor has you worried, why not opt for a small sternum tattoo like a favourite saying or a set of stars instead of a larger, elegant chandelier sternum tattoo that showcases geometric designs with chandelier-like teardrop shapes hanging from it. Sternum Tattoo

What Do I Wear When Getting A Sternum Tattoo?

For some, figuring out what to wear when getting a sternum tattoo can be a tricky thing. But the truth is, it’s best if you don’t wear anything on top at all. It’s advised to look for an artist who you will be comfortable with. During the tattooing process, you will have to show the artist your chest or breasts. For those with breasts, that means without your bra on so that the tattoo artist can accurately place the tattoo on your body. Because of this, it’s important to choose a highly-skilled, professional tattoo artist who you trust. Since sternum tattoos are placed on vulnerable areas, you should feel safe, secure, and in good hands when getting the tattoo done. Also, it may be of interest to see if the artist has a private room for you to get your sternum tattoo in, simply for the fact that your top half will be exposed and unclothed for a great length of time and you may not be comfortable with additional tattoo artists or patrons seeing your exposed body.

How Do I Care For My Sternum Tattoo After the Session?

Aftercare with for tattoos very important, but even more so for sternum tattoos simply because of the fact that this tattoo is in a very sensitive area. For women, aftercare is especially more important because keeping the under-boob area wrapped up presents some difficulties. The best advice, say tattoo artists, is to go without a wrap or a bandage and allow the area between the skin and the clothes to heal. Finally, avoid showing off the tattoo or soaking it directly after the session in order to avoid delaying the healing process. Sun exposure and baths can potentially cause infections in the tattooed area, which will then breakdown the tattoo. As with any tattoo, make sure you do your research and also follow your tattoo artist’s instructions so that your truly unique sternum piece will last a lifetime. Sternum Tattoo

Do Sternum Tattoos Stretch When Pregnant?

During pregnancy, some skin stretching happens. How else would the body be able to accommodate a growing baby? Pregnancy will affect a sternum tattoo simply due to the area in which the tattoo is located. Doctors and tattoo artists advise to finish having children before getting tattoos in areas of the body, like the sternum, that will stretch with pregnancy. Women looking to get a sternum tattoo should keep in mind that since sternum tattoos are placed directly under the breasts, they can expand between the breasts and beyond the sternum over time and with pregnancy as the body changes. Sternum Tattoo Flowers

Sternum tattoos have emerged as a popular choice for those seeking a meaningful and visually striking form of self-expression. Take your time to explore different design options, consult with professionals, and follow proper aftercare to ensure your tattoo looks vibrant and heals beautifully.

So, if you're ready to embark on an artistic adventure that will leave a lasting impression, consider a sternum tattoo as a powerful form of self-expression, and let Chronic Ink Tattoo bring your vision to life.

Is a Sternum Tattoo in Your Future??

Now that you know what to expect with a sternum tattoo, you are well-equipped to decide if one is right for you. When you’ve made your decision, or if you have any lingering questions or need any additional assistance, reach out to the Chronic Ink team in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham or Vancouver. We are always excited and ready to help our customers find the perfect tattoo.

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