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Jewelry Constellation Ear Piercing

Taking a Shine to Constellation Piercings

Constellation piercings are stealing the spotlight in the piercing universe. This style revolves around a distinct cluster of piercings on the ear, making it unique to the wearer. The beauty in these piercings is that they can range from being minimal to over-the-top, depending on the choice of placement and jewelry. Wearers aren’t just confined to studs; they can accent the look with one or two more prominent pieces of jewelry, like hoops and dangling earrings. Not only does the style invite creativity, it is also welcoming of newcomers to the trend. The less adventurous would also appreciate that constellation piercings can be less painful if they choose to stick to their earlobes, and not cartilage. For inspiration, take a look at the possibilities below:
Caption: @bodyelectrictattoo / via instagram.com
A triangle on the earlobe with three piercings is a simple and eye-catching design. The clean symmetry gives it a casual and elegant effect.
Caption: @bentauber / via instagram.com
A linear style is classic. You can dress it up or down, depending on your mood and collection. Use similar pieces to form a smooth line, or throw in a statement piece to create an edgier look.
Caption: @bodyelectrictattoo / via instagram.com
Here’s a different take on the linear (and triangular) style that makes a sleek alternative.
Caption: @bentauber / via instagram.com
Another popular design is made by staggering the height in the piercings. This is a textured look that allows you to showcase different jewelry pierces.
Caption: @bentauber / via instagram.com
You can also add texture by venturing beyond the lobe. Add more points for choosing a daith piercing, which is easier to manage because it’s tucked into the ear and less likely to be pushed or pulled.
Caption: @brookebittenspiercing / via instagram.com
Feeling adventurous? Try planting some hidden gems in your constellation, like two piercings on the inner conch.
Caption: @bodyelectrictattoo / via instagram.com
If you’re aiming for a true constellation, the entire ear can act as the canvas for spread-out piercings. The possibilities for constellation piercings are as endless as the stars in the sky. It’s understandable if your head is spinning with ideas, but stay grounded with research into the piercer, studio, and your desired look. Beyond the initial thrill and pain, you will need to focus on proper care before you dive into styling. Like standard ear piercings, constellation piercings take a 6-8 week healing period. This involves using a saline spray twice a day, and washing once a day. After they are fully healed, feel free to change the pieces as often as you like. -------------------- Miss Mo is a professional bookworm and over analyst. She is fueled by curiosity, spicy food, and the desire to understand and enrich life through words. To see more of her musings: http://hellomissmo.wordpress.com
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