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Planning for a Tattoo after the COVID-19 Pandemic

While our tattoo shops are currently closed to help stop to spread of the COVID-19 virus, our team of artists have all been hard at work. Whether drawing new flash tattoo pieces or working out ideas they've wanted to try in other artistic mediums, it's been a good time for creating. Just like our artists have been busy spending time refining their skills and designs for when they can tattoo again, it's the perfect time for you to plan for your next tattoo. Below we'll go over a few steps to take when looking for design inspiration, artists that align with your style and personality, also how to book in an appointment for when we open our doors again.

Do We Have a Flash Tattoo That is Perfect For You?

Sometimes it can be tough to come up with an idea for a full custom tattoo on your own. We have had many customers comment on how the Chronic Ink Tattoo Flash Store has helped them find the exact tattoo idea that they have wanted. All of the flash designs are hand drawn by our Chronic Ink Tattoo artists and are pieces that they would love to do for you. If you see a piece in our Flash Store that you have to have, you can instantly put down a deposit, and our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss an appointment time with the artist. All of the tattoos in our flash store are one of one and are guaranteed only to be tattooed once. You will never see these on another person.

What Style of Tattoo do You Like?

The art of tattooing has been around for centuries, and over time a lot of different tattoo styles have developed. Ranging from Traditional Asian Style Tattoos, to Blackwork Tattoos, to Watercolor and Brushstroke Tattoos, there is a style of tattoo out there for everybody. Landing on a style of tattoo that suits you best can be a hard decision, but it's the first step in making sure you end up with a piece you will love. Please take a look through the Chronic Ink Tattoo Gallery at pieces we've done for clients in the past. At our tattoo studios, we have artists that work in every style and will have someone that is an excellent fit for your idea.

Where Do You Want to Place Your Tattoo?

Tattoo placement is another essential part of the planning process. Deciding where you want to put your new tattoo will help you and your artist when it comes time to design. Are you looking to get a shoulder tattoo, sleeve tattoos, or maybe forearm tattoos? Do you have existing tattoos that the artist may need to design around? Will your ideal placement allow enough space for your tattoo idea? These are all things you will need to consider. During times when you are unable to meet with your artist in person - like during the current time of social distancing - a photo of the area on your body may be best to help the artist visualize where they will be working. Another thing to consider when thinking about placement is visibility. Do you want to be able to see your tattoo? Do you want others to be able to see your tattoo? Is your current job acceptable of tattoos in the workplace? While most businesses and people are accepting of tattoos these days, it is always something that is important to think about. Pet Tattoo

Browse Social Media for Ideas and Artists

Now that you know the style of tattoo and placement of your tattoo, it's time to start looking for ideas and artists. The Chronic Ink Instagram and Pinterest pages are great places to begin your hunt. Both will expose you to a wide selection of tattoo designs and artists. Many of our posts on tattoos feature a description that explains the subject manner and the artists who did the work. From there, you can continue looking at artist-specific pages. Some artists you may enjoy looking at are:
  • Maggie - Illustrative and Neo-Traditional Style Tattoos
  • Ryan - American Traditional Tattoos
  • Anqi - Fineline tattoos
  • Zeke - Pet Portraits
  • Tommy - Asian Tattoo
  • Matt - Realism

Contact Us To Book Your Appointment

Just because our studios are currently closed doesn't mean we don't want to hear your new tattoo ideas! Our staff are still answering emails and booking in clients from June 1 onwards. Use the form on our website to tell us your tattoo idea, and we can get your concept aligned with one of our tattoo artists and an appointment booked for when the studios reopen. We look forward to working with you as soon as we can, but currently we are booking from June 1st onwards. Tattoo Pandemic

Do You Have The Required Aftercare Products?

It's never to early to get prepared and educated about the proper tattoo aftercare techniques. Our online store offers all of the same tattoo aftercare products that we sell in our physical locations. While you are waiting for your appointment, it is a great idea and time to make sure you have everything ready for when you get home. Our aftercare products are shipped the next business day. Some like PurKlenz can even be used as an every day antimicrobial soap for your hands or any area of your body that may come in contact with the outside world.

No Room Left For Tattoos?

Maybe you've run out of room on your human canvas for tattoos, but still appreciate the art and would like to wear some new designs. Our Chronic Ink Artist Series merchandise is perfect for you. Every item in the artist series has been designed by our artists for tattoo enthusiasts to enjoy. Take a look through the collection today!

Ready to get started on your New Tattoo?

Want to book an appointment with one of our Vancouver or Toronto tattoo artists? Interested in seeing if we can turn your tattoo idea into a custom tattoo design? Contact us today about an appointment in June and let us know your idea. One of our Chronic Ink tattoo consultants will be in touch to help connect you with our tattoo artists.

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