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Tattoo Mississauga

What is the Best Tattoo Shop in Mississauga?

Where to get a Tattoo in Mississauga

Toronto has one of the most vibrant and active tattoo scenes in the world, and many world-famous artists make their home in the city. If you live in Mississauga, you may feel removed from this downtown scene. You may think you’ll have to make do with dodgy suburban tattoo studios and take the risk of getting a shoddy design that you'll spend the next two years lasering off your body. What makes it even harder to find good tattoo shops in Mississauga is that they may be hiding in the most unexpected places, and if you don't know they exist, you'll never be able to spot them. Luckily, there are several tattoo shops in Mississauga where you can get quality tattoos from world-class artists. One of the best tattoo shops in Mississauga is Chronic Ink. Chronic Ink is one of Toronto's most popular tattoo destinations, and they've recently opened up a new location right near you in the Square One Shopping Centre. Chronic Ink Mississauga

Chronic Ink Mississauga

It's always a bit funny to see a tattoo parlour in the mall, and one might reasonably assume that they're staffed by subpar artists. However, there are always some gems in the rough, and that's essentially the story of Chronic Ink. Their first shop was in the Pacific Mall, which subsequently closed when the studio spread out to several other locations. Despite these humble beginnings, they're rated as one of the best studios in Toronto, and their expertise means they're rapidly becoming one of the best tattoo places in Mississauga as well. When you pay the Square One location a visit, you'll be pleased to find yourself in a clean, friendly space with staff and artists who want to help you get the best tattoo possible. All of the artists are willing to do a free consultation where you can discuss your ideas and come up with a custom design you're satisfied with. Also, since the Mississauga shop is new, it's probably your best bet at getting a custom tattoo without ending up on a year-long waiting list. If you want to sport the best tattoo Mississauga can offer, you should definitely pay Chronic Ink a visit. Alex Tattooing Mississauga

How Much Do Tattoos Cost in Mississauga?

The cost of a tattoo will always depend on a large number of factors, including the size, location, and complexity of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos are generally cheaper than larger ones, and complex tattoos will be more expensive than simple ones. Most reputable tattoo parlours work based on an hourly rate, apart from small designs that take under an hour and will be charged on a flat fee. The hourly rates are usually standard for the studio, though some studios will invite guests who charge their own rates. Some studios will also charge for the consultation beforehand, where the artist spends time with you to come up with your custom design. While it's a good idea to shop around to find out the going rate in Mississauga, it's never a good idea to pick a shop or a design at the lowest possible price. Most world-class tattoo artists are skilled artists in their own right, and they charge accordingly. People who just want to make a quick buck will be cheap, but chances are you won't be satisfied with the results. Chronic Ink tends to work on a slightly different pricing system. They charge a flat rate for a piece that takes under four hours to complete, while larger pieces are charged by the hour. While you can get an estimate over the phone or via email, it's always smarter to go in person and have a face-to-face conversation about your tattoo. Chronic Ink's consultations are free, allowing you to work with an artist to get a better idea about the type of design you want and how much it will cost. Jojo tattooing in mississauga

Popular Tattoo Styles in Mississauga


If you've ever seen a portrait tattoo that is so lifelike it looks like it's about to jump off the person's skin, you've seen a realism-style tattoo. Realism tattoos are all about making the subject matter appear as lifelike as possible. It can be done either as a monochrome design or combined with colour to produce an astonishing image. Anything can be turned into realism-style body art, and some tattoo artists will even take fantastic creatures or surreal images and translate them into realistic-looking designs.

Fine Line

Thanks to advances in tattoo-gun technology, tattoo artists can now draw incredibly fine lines that were impossible before. This has led to an upswing in fine line tattoos that make use of curved or straight lines to evoke an image. Fine line tattoos can be either minimalistic or intricate and complex designs that interweave together. The biggest challenge with fine line tattoos is that there's very little room for error, as any mistake or shaky hand will instantly be visible on the tattoo. Small Rose Tattoo


Watercolour tattoos have become very popular in the last couple of years. The style takes inspiration from watercolour paintings, which use gentle swathes of colour to evoke images. Some tattoo artists will pair colours with stark lines to provide structure, while others simply use vibrant colours with gentle gradients in their design. Watercolour tattoo styles make a welcome change from the strong lines and harsh blacks that most people associate with tattoos, resulting in a gentler, less structured design. Water Colour Flower by Cindy

Asian Style Tattoos

Most Asian tattoos are inspired by the Irezumi style, which originated in the Edo period in Japan. These tattoos usually feature some aspect of Japanese folklore, like oni, samurai, koi, and kirin, and many large Asian tattoos will tell a story drawing from Japan's rich past. The style is very bold, with many vibrant colours and heavily structured lines that make use of all available space. Asian-style tattoos are incredibly ornate and are usually large, spanning an arm, back, or even the entire body. Fujin Sleeve Tattoo Interested in working with one of our talented artists? Contact Chronic Ink in Mississauga for more information.

Ready to Explore Your New Tattoo in Mississauga?

At Chronic Ink Tattoo, our talented artists are ready to help you explore your tattoo ideas to make sure you find something you’ll want to show off for decades to come. If you’re in the Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Kitsilano Vancouver area drop by our shop and check us out for yourself.

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