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Best Tattoo Parlour Toronto

How Do You Find the Best Tattoo Parlors in Toronto?

There are plenty of options when choosing a custom tattoo parlor in T.O., but how do you decide? Some things to consider are:
  • Knowing what you want
  • Getting Referrals
  • Finding a Tattoo Artist From a Trustworthy Tattoo Parlor
  • Tattoo Parlor Cleanliness
  • Tattoo Parlor Licensing
In this post, we’ll discuss these considerations when choosing a tattoo and piercing parlor in Toronto. Portrait Tattoo

Knowing What You Want

Before you can ask the question, you need to know the question to ask. Figuring out what kind of tattoo you want is the first step. You’ll want to take the time and do some thinking about the type of image you want. After all, it’s forever. After deciding on the kind of image you like, you’ll want to find a design that suits your style and taste. Selecting a design can be one of the hardest steps in the process. Once you have an idea of the type of design you want, you’re ready to move to the next step: getting referrals for tattoo parlors and the best tattoo artists toronto has to offer. Lady Tattoo

Getting Referrals

Finding a trustworthy tattoo parlor and an artist whose skills and vision align with your black and grey tattoo ideas can be difficult. Referrals are one of the ways – if not the best way – to identify a Toronto tattoo shop with the talent and artistry to turn your idea into a gorgeous tattoo. Questions to ask or research:
  1. Who do you know who has tattoos you love?
  2. Which Toronto tattoo parlor did they choose?
  3. Which artist did the work?
  4. Who are the other artists at the shop?
  5. Which artists have the skills that align with the type of tattoo you want?
  6. What do social media and other online reviews say about the tattoo parlors and artists you’re considering?
The answers you learn will influence your choice in tattoo parlor and artist, and will help you narrow down the candidates.

Finding a Tattoo Artist From a Trustworthy Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo artists are numerous in T.O. Finding a tattoo artist can be a challenge if you don’t already know someone or have a friend who can give you a referral. If you’ve identified a potential tattoo artist, review their portfolio before meeting them to see if you like their work and whether their skills align well with the design you want. Ideally, you can meet with the artist you want to do the work beforehand. Some questions to consider when speaking with the tattoo artist:
  1. Are you comfortable with them?
  2. Do they seem to understand your tattoo vision?
  3. Do their skills align well with the tattoo you want?
  4. Do you like their vibe and the shop’s vibe?
  5. Have they received health and safety training?
If you’re reviewing multiple candidates and still having difficulty deciding on the best one, a point to consider is: Do you like them as a person? Read on to learn some of the other factors that may influence your choice in Toronto tattoo parlor.

Tattoo Parlor Cleanliness

A clean tattoo studio is critical to your health and safety and the overall tattooing experience. Be sure to visit the shops you’re considering to see how clean it is for yourself. Some tattoo hygiene considerations you want to observe or ask about include:
  1. Have all employees received health and safety training?
  2. Are the tattoo artists wearing new disposable gloves and throwing them away between tattoos? Fresh disposable gloves minimize your risk of contamination.
  3. Are artists using needles from sealed containers?
  4. Are the pigment trays new?
  5. Does the shop have a sterilization machine, and are they using it to clean non-disposable equipment?
  6. How do the employees sterilize the shop? Shops should be using a bleach-based disinfectant.
  7. Where are their inks from? You want to avoid unregulated inks containing metals and solvents.
If you’re still not sure, do a gut check: if the place doesn’t feel clean, don’t use the shop.

Tattoo Parlor Licensing

Make sure the shop has all the local and provincial licensing needed to operate in the City of Toronto. Beginning in February 2019, the Safe Body Art Act took effect. It requires tattoo shops in Toronto to meet standards for cleanliness, infection control, and record-keeping. You may need to check with the nearest health authority to verify a shop’s credentials, but it’s also worth asking the shop for documentation. Skull and Rose Tattoo

Ready to Explore the Best Tattoo Parlours in Toronto?

At Chronic Ink Tattoo, our talented artists are ready to help you explore tattoos to make sure you find something you’ll want to show off for decades to come. If you’re in the Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Kitsilano Vancouver area drop by our shop and check us out for yourself.

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