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The Best Advice for Getting Your First Tattoo

The Best Advice for Getting Your First Tattoo

You’ve always thought about getting inked and you think you’re finally ready to get your first tattoo. It’s exciting - we know. We also know you likely have a lot of questions to ask, a good build up of anxiety and you’re probably scouring the internet and drop of wisdom the world wide web regarding the subject of tattoos. Well, you finally found the blog you’ve been looking for. Here are a couple suggestions that will help ensure that your first tattoo experience a positive one.

1. Find your vision

If you just can’t wait to get your first tattoo and just cannot come up with the right design, you have to go out there and get inspired! Look at some work done by the best tattoo artists in Toronto & Vancouver and perhaps you may stumble upon an idea for your very own. If you find a certain symbol you would like to use, or an idea of a design for your tattoo, get the input you need from a professional in the field.

2. Find the right artist for your first tattoo

Getting a tattoo is an important life decision that shouldn’t be done by someone who is inexperienced. You never want to gamble on finding a cheaper and less than reputable artist. You must make sure that your tattoo artist is:


Ask to see a portfolio of his or her work. Do they do good work? Can they do the style you’re looking for?


Artists who work in a respected tattoo shop should always be considered over any “would-be” tattoo artist. There is likely a good reason they aren’t working in a proper shop. When you’re meeting with them, make sure that they’re paying attention to your needs and seem invested in the art, and not just the money.


When the long term health of your skin is involved, you must make sure your artist is using the best tattoo safety precautions.

3. Have some faith, don’t micromanage your first tattoo

You should do a tremendous work in finding the right artist, however, do not micro-manage the artist once the right one is found. Give your artist the artistic liberty to bring your design to life. Do the work up front finding the right artist and then let that artist use their expertise to make a work of art out of your idea.

4. Find the right spot of your body

Is it going to be visible? Remember that tattoos are not easy to remove and while you should never be ashamed of putting it on display for everyone to see, (not all employers are keen on the idea of visible tattoos in the workplace yet, so sometimes it’s easier put your tattoo on your chest, feet, or other areas hidden from everyday view). Perhaps consult with your employer about their policies on tattoos or even better, it’s 2016, find a job that lets you be you. If a tattoo could make you better or worse at your job, we’d likely charge you more for it.

5. Be committed

A great tattoo is one that you truly really believe in and speaks to you and you alone. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what your family or friends think. If they don’t agree with it than that is their concern. One of the worst things we’ve seen is clients who can’t make up their minds and take advice from people around them who are not artists, and they get pulled in 3 different directions, and they get more confused as the process gets along.

6. Follow the aftercare instructions

If your mind is made up and you’re ready to go through with getting a tattoo, it’s worth noting ahead of time that you absolutely must follow the aftercare instructions given by your artist. We know you want to go out and show your new tattoo to all your friends, but in order to maintain the quality of the tattoo and long term health of your skin, you have to allow the healing process to take it’s time. So when you’re out celebrating your beautiful new tattoo design, celebrate appropriately! The internet is a great place to get first tattoo advice, but you will get more inspired once you set foot inside a physical shop and learn more about the tattoo process will help you develop a better understanding of what getting a tattoo is all about. IMG_2753
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