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Tiny Tattoos Are A Big Hit

Tiny Tattoos Are A Big Hit

“Small” is one of the biggest trends in tattoos this year. Tiny tattoos have been growing in popularity amongst teens, rebels, celebrities, and young professionals. Fun and versatile, they are among the fastest growing tattoo trends in 2017.

What is a tiny tattoo?

Tiny tattoos are exactly what they sound like. They’re small tattoos that can be placed just about anywhere on the body. They are also popularly known as miniature or micro tattoos. Tiny tattoos are a fun way to express yourself that can be covered up easily, when/if needed.

Just how tiny is a tiny tattoo?

There are no strict rules on what size constitutes a tiny tattoo. They can be under a cm in height and length to a few cm. Ultimately the size is up to you and the tattoo’s location. The only restriction on them is that lines still need to maintain a minimum distance on the skin or else they will bleed into each other over time. Shading is Ok, but if you want lots of negative space in your tiny tattoo, then you’ll have to keep a certain amount of separation between lines.

Why have tiny tattoos become so popular?

There are many reasons why tiny tattoos have become more popular. Tattoo technology improvements are what made it possible. Today it is easier to create more intricate, detailed designs for miniature and micro tattoos. However, there are a host of reasons why people choose tiny tattoos:

Improved tattoo technology

Tattoo technology is far from the only reason why tiny tattoos are popular. However, technological advances did make the popularity possible. The modern expectations for detailed, aesthetic work were not as possible at this size in the heyday of old school tattoos. Today, the best tattoo artists can create highly detailed and beautiful artwork in small spaces.

The perfect first tattoo

For anyone who dips their toe before jumping into the water, a tiny tattoo is a great testing ground. Although, like any tattoo, it is permanent - a tiny tattoo can be a bit less of a commitment. They are unobtrusive, more of an extension of your self expression than a focal point. For those concerned about the pain of tattooing, tiny tattoos are a good solution. Being small, they take less time and can be a lot less painful. This means you can get an idea of your tattoo pain tolerance without committing to a large design. If you have an idea for a larger tattoo or multiple small tattoos, you can start with just one element from that tattoo that can be expanded on later. Whether testing the waters, or struggling to make up your mind, consider a tiny tattoo when choosing your first tattoo.
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