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Ways to Remove Your Unwanted Tattoo

Ways to Remove Your Unwanted Tattoo

Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you thinking about removing a tattoo but don’t know where to start? There are multiple ways to remove a tattoo permanently, but with the number of options to choose from it may be hard to decide what kind of treatment will work best for you. In this article, we will cover details about the most common treatment plans on the market, as well as what to consider before deciding which one to go with. As always, if you happen to be in the greater Toronto area, consider reaching out, dropping us a message, or stopping by our shop. We’d love to answer any questions you have and figure out how we can help.

Things to Consider for Your Treatment Plan

Type of Tattoo Pigment, Age, & Location

What colours does your tattoo have? How old is it? Where is it located on your body? All of these aspects should be factored into your decision on tattoo removal options. Some pigments are easier to remove than others, and some types of lasers or options better suited for specific situations. Recently received tattoos should not be treated any sooner than usually 8 months or more post-tattooing. Depending on the tattoo’s location, some tattoo removal options may be more comfortable for you than others.


How close is the tattoo remover to you? Is there one in your town or do you have to go to another city? Considering the side effects of the tattoo removal process and your pain tolerance, you may want to remove your tattoo close to home to make it more convenient. It is also worth thinking about whether or not you need or want someone to drive you to and from the tattoo remover.


Does the tattoo remover have free consultations? Are you able to consult with a dermatologist before moving on with a treatment plan? It is important to make time to speak with professionals before choosing a treatment; consultation is usually the most long and most important part of the process. Through the consultation of your skin type, your general health, and the tattoo’s conditions, a professional can fully evaluate your situation and direct you to the correct treatment plan.

Length & Price

How many sessions do you need to completely remove the tattoo? Does the cost of the tattoo removal service include all necessary sessions? Some treatment plans require more than one session while some can be completed in one sitting. Prices for tattoo removal are also typically for only one session—to have the overall price you will need to factor in the number of sessions needed to remove your tattoo as well as any additional costs specific to your situation.

Types of Tattoo Removal Treatments


One of the most common treatments for permanently removing tattoos, laser treatment, involves using the heat and light of a laser to break down the pigment of a tattoo’s ink. Once the pigment is broken down into smaller pieces, the body can then process the pigments and flush them out of your body. Using laser work for removing tattoos will require multiple sessions though each session will only take a few minutes maximum. Laser treatment is most effective for tattoos with black or blue ink, and results will vary depending on the colors in your tattoo.

Salabrasion & Dermabrasion

Both processes are similar in which they involve the abrasion of the epidermis to remove the tattoo. The main difference between the two is the instrument used: salabrasion uses a saline solution to wear down your skin while dermabrasion uses a mechanical instrument. While they are the oldest tattoo removal treatments, they are more painful compared to other treatment plans and may cause long-term skin damage.


This process involves cutting out the tattooed area of the skin and will require an anesthetic. After the incision is made and the tattoo is removed, the skin is sewn back together. Excision treatments are generally one hour or less and can be done in one sitting. While more viable for smaller tattoos, excision for larger tattoos is harder though it is possible to receive a skin graft if you choose to proceed with an excision treatment and have a sizable tattoo.

Removal Creams

There are multiple creams on the market claiming they can remove your tattoo. While a seemingly tempting option, removal creams are not FDA-approved and there is no way to guarantee their effectiveness. It is also possible that depending on the cream and your skin type, you may experience side effects such as rashes or changes in skin pigmentation.

Closing Thoughts

Every individual has unique skin and different reasons to seek a tattoo removal treatment. Which is why the path to remove a tattoo may be different for each person. Some may choose to go the laser removal route, some may opt to cover it up or shade it in. Regardless of whether or not you choose to move forward with laser treatment, or decide on excising the tattoo, the most important thing is to follow the instructions given prior to and post-removal procedure. Not following the recommendations of the tattoo remover or your dermatologist may result in additional side effects that will slow the healing process. Finding a professional with the proper equipment and experience is important, but properly caring for your health is the most important in the long run.

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