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What does Poseidon represent?

What does Poseidon represent?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god of the sea. He is almost always represented as being incredibly powerful and confident. As one of the original three titans, he is a brother to Zeus and Hades. Like the ocean, Poseidon is moody, either peaceful or raging, representing the two extreme dualities of personality. The mystery and power of the ocean has always fascinated us, and the ancients understood that they could not control the whims of something as “moody” as the ocean. Poseidon offered a place of refuge and someone to honor as a powerful protector. For the Greeks, who were of seafaring inclination, Poseidon was a god that could control their fate, and he was respected highly by those who spent most of their time on the water. He could bring fair weather and good winds to those that gave him honor, so many motifs exist that represent Poseidon as both a giving and unforgiving god. poseidon pegasus

What are Poseidon's Symbols?

Greek gods often had many different symbols that were used to represent them on everything from boats to weapons. For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the god of the sea is his trident, a powerful forked instrument. As well as this, Poseidon can be shown in the form of a horse made out of water, a powerful deity rampaging across the ocean and anything unlucky to be in his path. The sheer force of water allows Poseidon have exceptional presence. Many ancient inscriptions have depictions of water and waves as an homage to Poseidon, many of them used as good luck charms by sailors or families that had an interest in the seafaring lifestyle. We can owe the sailor’s fascination with anchor tattoos to early representations of this god. Poseidon himself is always represented as a strong, bearded man, sometimes with a toga. For the Greeks and Romans, heroic nude was often the best way to showcase the physical power and prowess of the gods, and clothing was optional. Everything in these statues was symbolic, so Poseidon could be posing with a trident about to strike.

Are Neptune and Poseidon the same God?

For the Romans, Poseidon was known more fully as Neptune. He is often depicted with the same three-pronged trident, but can sometimes be seen driving a seahorse-drawn chariot over the water. Horses, dolphins, and bulls are all animals that are connected to Neptune, each with an aquatic element that lends to the power and presence of the sea. Unlike Poseidon, Neptune was more apt to represent fresh water sources instead of the sea, and his connection to horses was more pronounced. The Romans worshipped him as the god of horses and a patron watching over races, and in mythology Neptune and the goddess Minerva helped to create the chariot for man. As a god of fresh water, many Roman inscriptions have Neptune’s blessing near streams and springs, as a source of good luck and pure drinking water. The ability to have fresh water to provide for cities and towns was of paramount importance, so Neptune was always thanked and worshipped at these sites. poseidon neptune

What does Poseidon's Trident Represent?

The trident was typically not a weapon used for warfare by the ancients, but rather a tool for spear fishing. Sailors sometimes carried tridents in shallow waters to catch fish that came close to the surface, and its utilitarian function allowed these men to provide. The tool itself is ancient, and because of its ability to feed and protect, it became associated with one of the three greatest gods. For Poseidon, the trident is the epitome of his control over the sea and its creatures, showing that he has the ability to catch them whenever he wants, without fail. In mythology, his trident was created by the three cyclopes and given to him once appointed as god of the sea. In the contemporary world, the trident still carries over the same connotations as it did for the ancients, though with more power and presence. While the traditional anchor might be a peaceful sea symbol, the trident is one that denotes confidence and dominion over the ocean’s whims.

What does Poseidon Control?

As a water god, Poseidon is in control of all things aquatic, from the wind and rivers to creatures of the sea. Ancient sailors gave respect to him for safe passage during storms, and it was said that he alone could control the course of their journey. For towns where fish were a commodity, it was imperative to ensure that Poseidon was happy. Sailors could be gone for months or years at a time on their longest journeys, and for the ancients, you needed more than good luck to make it back. Sacrifices and statues to Poseidon helped create an atmosphere of respect and worship among these people. Even though he is mainly known as a water god, Poseidon was also known to have some earthy inclinations towards floods and earthquakes. Since tsunamis occur after large quakes, it only makes sense that Poseidon has control over them. Sea monsters under his control, such as dragons, would be responsible for pulling down those he despised into the sea. Due to his power over quakes, Poseidon could often be titled as “earth shaker”.

What is Poseidon god of?

The wind, water and storms are probably the best representations of the natural forces under Poseidon’s control. Many tattoo designs have abstract meaning, yet they connect to the overwhelming power of this god of the sea. You can represent this as roaring, crashing waves, of the gentle tranquility of a calm sea. As well as that, the aquatic symbols of seahorses, fish, and powerful monsters all have ties to the This multifaceted aspect of Poseidon lends him to be a popular tattoo design. The trident is still used today as a symbol of sailors and those who spend time on the water. Like the ubiquitous anchor, we can recognize this connection almost immediately whenever we see it. ship waves octopus

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