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Womens Scalp Micropigmentation

The Complete Guide to Women’s Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss can be a scary and sometimes embarrassing subject matter, especially for women. Women who experience hair loss are often pressured by modern concepts of beauty that fixate on women with long, full, healthy hair. When being constantly bombarded with images like this from the media, many women will try any and every hair loss treatment they can find. However, women's Scalp Micropigmentation may be just the solution they are looking for! Scalp Micropigmentation is the use of permanent pigment to create the illusion of a full, voluminous head of hair. Done by trained artists, this procedure is a safe and easy solution for hair loss insecurities experience by women.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work for Long Hair?

Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation works for long hair! While it was created for bald heads, the technology is quickly advancing and is now available for those with long hair. This procedure is an excellent solution for female hair loss. Not only can Micropigmentation disguise bald spots or a receding hairline, but it can make thinning hair look fuller by using a shade darker than your natural hair! Scalp Micropigmentation is an amazing answer for all hair loss issues. Since artists fill in the area in between hair follicles, there are no issues if you have long hair. They just work around it! However, there are some things you need to keep in mind if you have long hair and are considering scalp Micropigmentation. For starters, because this procedure was initially designed for a bald scalp, it might be very noticeable when used on a receding hairline where there is still long hair. To know if what you have in mind will work with your hair, make sure to consult an artist. Finding a notable, trustworthy provider is one of the most critical steps to this procedure. If you find the right artist, they can help you understand the Micropogmentation process and recommend the best options for your hair. Womens Scalp Micropigmentation Toronto

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Damage Hair Follicles?

No, Scalp Micropigmentation does not damage hair follicles. Scalp Micropigmentation is done in between hair follicles to create depth and mimic natural growth, so the needle does not even interfere with the actual follicle. During the procedure, the needle barely penetrates 2 mm deep, which is quite shallow. So even if the artist does place pigment over the hair follicle, there is no damage. It would not interfere with future growth or damage the existing hair. Micropigmentation is a very safe procedure for any stage of female hair loss or thinning. If you do experience more thinning or loss, while it won't be a result of the procedure, you can have subsequent sessions to add more pigmentation if necessary.

Does Micropigmentation Cause Hair Loss?

No, Micropigmentation does not cause hair loss! In fact, it is one of the leading hair loss treatments. For anyone suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, or even a receding hairline, Scalp Micropigmentation can provide a suitable solution for all their hair problems without any serious risks or side effects. Scalp Micropigmentation in Toronto is a very safe procedure in which a trained artist uses needles to deposit pigment in-between hair follicles to create the illusion of natural hair growth. Through a technique called pointillism that uses thousands of tiny dots and different shades and colours, artists can mimic naturally growing hair. Not only does this give a bald scalp the appearance of hair follicles, but it also allows artists to create the effect of full, thick hair. Instead of having to suffer from hair loss which you have no control over, this safe procedure solves the issue and gives you your confidence back in just 2-3 sessions! Womens Scalp Micropigmentation Markham

What Should I Do After Scalp Micropigmentation?

Caring for your scalp after Scalp Micropigmentation is just as important as finding a trustworthy artist to do the procedure. You will need to do certain things to take care of your scalp and ensure that the treatment lasts. If you have ever been through the healing process after a tattoo, you will be somewhat familiar with this aftercare procedure. With good aftercare you won't find yourself asking "How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?". Immediately after your procedure, you will notice your scalp starting to heal from the puncture wounds made by the needle. When it starts healing, it will form several small scabs just like with any wound. Make sure that you don't scratch, pick, or even touch these scabs as they begin to heal. Also, be sure to avoid shaving your head for at least a week after the procedure. These are small holes that are healing and are, essentially, open wounds right after the procedure. This means that they are susceptible to infection if not cared for properly. While you are waiting for your scalp to heal, make sure that you don't wash your head or get it wet in any way, including swimming and excessive sweat—so skip those intense workouts for awhile. Be sure to follow your aftercare instructions carefully to mitigate any Scalp Micropigmentation Risks.

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During this time, you may moisturize your scalp with an approved moisturizer, and after a full week, you can finally wash your head gently. Going forward, make sure to monitor your scalp for dryness and be sure to apply moisturizer regularly. As far as long-term care goes, washing, swimming, and sweating are safe. Just be sure to limit your scalp's exposure to sunlight and other ultraviolet rays as this can damage and fade the pigmentation. Women’s Scalp Micropigmentation is the latest and greatest development for the treatment of hair loss in women. While it was created with bald men in mind, the procedure and technology have developed and turned into a treatment suitable for all genders and types and stages of hair loss. Why continue treatments that probably won’t work when you can finally go through a permanent procedure that will take all of your insecurities away? Women’s Scalp Micropigmentation is a proven and guaranteed way to gain confidence back after hair loss and finally get back to feeling like your old self again! Long Hair Scalp Micropigmentation

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