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Wrist Tattoo

What makes Wrist Tattoos so Popular?

When considering what type of tattoo to get (or to get next), a wrist tattoo should make the short list of options to decide from. Why, you ask? These small tattoos can be discreet, featured on the underside of the wrist, or more obviously placed on the anterior of your wrist for all to see. This guide will help you become familiar with the different types of wrist tattoos and designs to choose from, as well as what to expect with the process. As always, if you have questions, or happen to be in the Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Kitsilano Vancouver area, drop by one of our local tattoo parlours and our team will be happy to take care of you. Turtle on Wrist Tattoo

History of the Wrist Tattoo

People love wrist tattoos, and it is easy to see why. These small but stylish tattoos can be very fashionable. Wrist tattoos were first worn by those who adventured in the ocean, with the nautical star being a popular and quite common early design. Believed to guide and protect the wearer, these tattoos were also considered to heal disease. In the 1950s and 60s, members of the gay and lesbian community adapted these tattoos to represent their sexuality. Today, the wrist is just one of many body parts to be tattooed and holds no associated meaning, although tattoos do often hold deep personal significance. Sunflower Wrist Tattoo

Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

All tattoos hurt to some extent. That being said, the wrist is an area full of nerves where the skin is thinner. Because of this, the wrist is generally more sensitive than other areas and can be more painful than some other tattoos.

Popular Wrist Tattoos

There are many eye-catching wrist tattoos to consider, and a variety of styles and options fit to suit virtually any personality. We will go over a few of the most popular wrist tattoo designs to keep in mind when choosing your own tattoo or to use for inspiration when conceptualizing your own unique design. Forest and Sunset Wrist Tattoo
Heart Tattoo
Whether you just like the design of hearts, or you want to remember someone special in your life, heart tattoos look great on the wrist. Some choose to place a name in the heart, while couples may have different halves of the same heart on the wrists, which pair together when they place their wrists beside each other.
Flower Tattoos
Generally, flower tattoos are preferred by women, flowers can be found on the inner area of the wrist or as a bracelet. These are extremely colorful and beautiful wrist tattoos. They can be extremely ornate or simple and small.
Bracelet Tattoos
Bracelet tattoos wrap around the entire wrist and can come in many different forms:
  • A vine can wrap down your arm to the wrist
  • You can choose to imitate the design of a piece of jewellery
  • Flowers make popular bracelet tattoos
While not always discreet, these full-wrist tattoos are very beautiful and inspiring.
Star Tattoos
You can choose to have a cluster of stars or even just one. Stars can come in many different sizes and colours, depending on the wearer’s desire. The choice of star tattoos can inspire dreaminess or show your love for astronomy. The meaning of the tattoo is up to you.
Musical Notes
Music note tattoos demonstrate your passion for the musical arts. Beyond notes, some choose to have treble clefs, bass clefs, or even phrases from songs written on their wrists. You could even combine a heart and music symbol to show your love of music.
Zodiac Signs
Many choose to wear something that symbolizes their zodiac sign tattoo on the inner wrist. You may be paying homage to your sign or perhaps warning others about certain aspects of your personality!
Flower Wrist Tattoo Your Wrist Tattoo Can Say a Lot or a Little

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As you can see, wrist tattoos can vary widely in size, location, and purpose. You can choose to have a discreet tattoo that you will see every time you look at your wrist or a larger one that others will notice, as well. Some use wrist tattoos as a reminder. This can be of someone special, a saying you use to inspire yourself, or the famous semi-colon that tells those struggling with mental health to never give up. Tattoos are very personal, and what you get is ultimately up to you. If you do not want your tattoo to be seen, whether for personal or professional reasons, wrist tattoos allow you to cover up by wearing long sleeves or sweaters. Some wrist tattoos are so tiny that they are not noticeable despite clothing choice. If discreteness matters to you, consider a wrist tattoo as your first choice. Writing Wrist Tattoo

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