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Bull Tattoo

What do Zodiac tattoos symbolize?

The zodiac is a traditionally Chinese or Greek creation that helps to showcase the most interesting traits of people born under specific, animal-based signs. Because of the personalized quality of these signs, many people take it upon themselves to get tattoos of the signs they are born under. These are separated from one another by both year and month of birth, so you’ll have to look up your specific sign with your birthdate as well as birth year. This kind of tattoo appreciates the individual who wears it, and symbolizes their most integral traits. Whether you are more level-headed or impulsive, your zodiac sign will serve to be the best representation of who you put yourself forward as. A zodiac tattoo will help others to recognize the type of person you are, even if they don’t know you. Family often plays a part in the zodiac symbolism, as some family members are born under the same sign though perhaps in different years. This can serve to have a clan-like recognition that keeps people tethered together in an almost spiritual way, lending a source of completeness and familiarity during tough times. Your horoscope serves to let people know who you are on the outside, so that they can get to know you on the inside. Take a look at some of the more interesting tattoo ideas for the zodiac, whether modern and contemporary, or traditional and tribal tattoos, as each speaks volumes about the person wearing the ink. One of these signs, the Taurus, is represented as a bull; a tough and level-headed character that serves to represent some of the most robust people in the world. Whether you are on your way to achieving your dreams or you’ve already made it, this voracious animal serves to present itself as confident and unflappable regardless of the situation.

What animal is a Taurus?

Taurus is a constellation in the sky that is shown as a horned bull, one in which you can take a look at through a telescope when the sky is clear. For the zodiac, Taurus is in control of the dates May 14 through June 19. In Greek mythology, Taurus was traditionally the masculine bull form of the god Zeus, who used his charms as the bull to win over the woman Europa. This patriarchal symbolism is still prevalent in how we use the bull today, such as with the “bull and bear” markets that are familiar on Wall Street. The ancients loved to use the bull as an example of supreme sexuality and power, as bulls are very protective over their families and charges. The Roman military worshipped the bull through the cult of Mithras, which sacrificed the animal underground in order to feast upon it and draw its power. This male-only cult had strange initiation rituals that put an emphasis on the sheer power of the bull as a force of nature. The tenacity of this horned animal is one that has resonated with people throughout the ages and into modernity, with many people born under this sign choosing to represent it through an interesting tattoo piece. You can even look at mythology for inspiration, as there are many different statues, mosaics, and illustrations that more than adequately bull gorilla

What does a Taurus tattoo symbolize?

The bull has always been a symbol of the tenacious veracity of those who get what they want and work hard for it to the end. Despite being labeled as hot-headed, Taurus are rather more inclined to a level-headedness that allows them to achieve their goals through sheer force of will and an insatiable need for more. Thus, there is a certain calmness and drive that these individuals tend to have that makes them ideal for anything that’s thrown at them. Traditionally, the physicality of Taurus lends itself to an affectionate and protective romantic partner, though the downside of this is the potential jealousy and stubbornness that can permeate during emotional times. It can be helpful to recognize when these feelings arise in order to deal with them before they get out of hand, and that hot-headedness of the bull starts to rear its head.

What does a bull tattoo symbolize?

You can create many different bull tattoo designs, such as bull horns that represent the physical prowess of a Taurus, or simply the shape of its head, a masculine and powerful symbol of what this prowess can accomplish when taken to task. Thus, bulls make for a great tattoo idea for athletes and people who are driven to the great outdoors, or simply those who enjoy testing their physical limits each day. Because bulls are seen as stubborn yet powerful, many businesspeople take special reverence for it, whether for the perseverance of the stubborn animal or the “my way or the highway” type of thinking that can be helpful in make-or-break situations. A chest tattoo of the bull offers an even more powerful statement to make about the rigid personality of Taurus. Whether you’re someone who appreciates living large or you simply want to make a subtle statement about your tenacity, Taurus has you covered in more ways than one. Bull Taurus Constellation

What are the dates for Taurus?

The Taurus zodiac sign is related to the sun and is occupied from the dates April 20 to May 20, and under the sidereal zodiac from May 14 to June 19. These summer months and dates coincide with the heat of passion and physical power that the bull represents, not to mention the hardworking nature of laboring in the heat while others decry it as too difficult. This constellation tattoo offers the best form of showcasing yourself as hardworking, tenacious, and full of vitality and energy, exactly the same to the bull in nature. The Taurus prides themselves on getting the job done, even when it seems impossible. For those who have achieved their goals against the odds, you couldn’t ask for a better representation of success.

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